Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Do Men Cheat?

That's a question most women want to know.
Its not uncommon these days to hear of a friend's spouse having an affair.
Growing up I never heard of the word divorce.
It just wasn't in my vocabulary and I didn't have too many friends whose parents were divorced.
Now years later we hear it everyday.
People just don't stay together anymore.
Whether divorce is because of a cheating spouse, abusive relationship, etc
it could help you in your life.
Recently I've heard from two different friends about their cheating spouses.
My heart hurts for them.
I just don't understand why men cheat. Not just men but women too.
Maybe their spouses want the excitement of a new relationship?
Maybe she let herself go?
 Maybe money is an issue?
Maybe they married too young?
Who knows.
But it seems like every time I turn on the news another famous person has had an affair.
People we admire because of all the fame and fortune they have.
Or we see Miley humping a married man during a performance.
That's just sickening.
& I just read that Robin Thicke's wife wasn't even upset over that performance.
Seriously? How can you allow that to happen?
If your husband went to the grocery store by himself would you allow another woman to hump him in the aisle?
Heck no.
So why allow it on national tv?

There's so many ways these days to cheat.
Our phones are always glued to our hands.
Texting is easy.
Deleting said text is even easier.
But guess what? Those texts are recoverable!
Emailing, porn sites, any social media.
Commercials, movies, radio ads.
It's all there. Its tempting.
But why risk a relationship something you've loved for a long time for a little bit of excitement.
Why risk your job if it's someone at work.
Why hurt your family because you wanted sex with someone other than your spouse.

These past few years I've been so scared of marriage.
I watched both my brothers and my sister go through a divorce because their spouses had an affair.
My heart breaks everyday to hear this.
To watch kids being tossed back & forth between parents.

If you notice your spouse acting differently talk about it.
Stop everything that's going on in your busy life to go on a date.
Enjoy each other.
Remember why you fell in love in the first place.
But heaven forbid don't have an affair.
If you're not happy in your marriage then try to work on it.
Don't just give up.
If you're in an abusive relationship get out of that immediately.
Before its too late.

I pray everyday for my future husband.
I pray that I never have to experience an abusive relationship again.
I pray that I never have to get divorced because of an affair.


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  1. It is very scary!!! I pray I never have to deal with this!!

  2. Tears me up - and terrifies me for marriage, too. I wish better for all!

  3. Its so heart breaking just to read this because your right, now a days everyone knows someone who has had an affair. Its sad to think about the children who have to love though it and the hurt it causes so many people.

  4. This breaks my heart too! I hate it. I fear this for myself all the time, not because I lack trust in my relationship but because you hear about it happening in even the happiest of marriages, or so they say... It's sad.

  5. Amen to your prayers. Nice write up.

  6. Marriage is so disposable these days... I don't know why that is, but it certainly seems to be. Too many people see a way out instead of honoring their commitment of forever. It's sad.

  7. I will never understand it either. If you no longer have feelings for your spouse, for whatever the reason,break it off and be a man about it instead of being sneaky, cowardly, and hurtful.

  8. I don't understand it either! Why wouldn't you respect your partner enough to just get a divorce and then go for the new person?

    I mean, if someone has let themselves go to the point that you are no longer attracted to them, then divorce them. If you got married to young and are no longer in love, divorce them. It isn't as though you wake up one day and realize that you are no longer in love.


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