Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Step Up 5k

I'm just getting around to blogging about my 5k.

Let me start by saying it was the most unorganized event I've probably ever been to.

The 5k was supposed to start at 10.

No portable bathrooms anywhere in a 100 foot radius.

They didn't line us up until 10:10 to the correct minute/mile you run.

I had to use the bathroom so bad considering I was a nervous wreck & didn't know what I was getting myself into.

I almost hid in the bushes but didn't.

I was finally running at 10:15ish and finished in 47:29. I even stopped at a bathroom for a pee break!

My lips were completely dry & I was literally dying of thirst when I got to the 1.5 mile marker but the water station was bone dry.

Why wouldn't they have enough water for everyone.

I wasn't in the back of the pack either. There was plenty of people behind me. 5000 people ran this race.

{My favorite from 99.9 gator country came out to support me}

I did get a really cool shirt.

I'm super excited about my next 5k.

The Gate River Run!!!!


Friday, February 3, 2012


Tomorrow is my first 5k.

I have no idea what to think.

I'm super excited and nervous at the same time.

I should be in bed sleeping since I'm getting up extra early just to make sure I get a shirt!

The only thing I'll have a problem with tomorrow is breathing.

I'm going to find someone who runs as slow as me and stay near them for motivation!

I'm off to bed!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I lost to....

The treadmill! Yes, you read that right! I was just getting into my run when I came down on my right ankle wrong, hit the belt with my left knee and tried to crawl my way back up to standing position. Who knew trying to crawl up a belt going 4.3 mph couldn't happen!? For me is was impossible. I finally quit trying to get back up while the treadmill was running and let myself hit the wall behind me.

I just knew the whole gym was staring at me by this point but as I sat on the wall taking my shoe off { by the way don't ever take your shoe off if you think you broke your foot} I looked around to see only one girl across the aisle ask me "are you ok? Do you need the first aid kit?" my reposnse," no i'm fine thanks

***under breath I think I need a stretcher!!!!***

I can't remember the last time I skinned my knee!

I was actually working out with a sweet friend/blogger {Rachel} when the incident took place. She was oblivious to what just happened when she saw me sitting on the wall. All I could say was, " can you turn my treadmill off."

I was able to get back up to finish my workout! I will say I have never seen anyone fall off a treadmill like I did. It's definitely something you'd see in a movie!

Thank God the group of guys behind me running didn't show up until after my fall.

Today, my knee and ankle is sore but nothing is holding me back from running/working out!

My first 5k {step it up} is this Saturday.

I also just registered for The Gate River Run 5k March 10.

Whats a post without Dodger! No he isn't spoiled one bit! What makes you think that?

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