Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be Aware

Holy smokes Thursday.
How'd you sneak up so fast?
I'm not complaining since this weekend will be filled with thunderstorms.
That just means I'll be relaxing ALL.WEEKEND.LONG catching up on my shows.
Today I want to talk about one of my worst nightmares.
Granted it could've been a lot worse.
Luckily for me it wasn't that bad.
But someone somehow got a hold of my credit card number and went on a shopping spree.
To at that.
I received an email from said credit card company asking me to call their fraud department.
I was simply asked if I went online shopping yesterday morning on .
Not me.
If I'm going shopping it'll be to Target, KLR, H&M, Forever 21 not to Walmart!
I wish I knew where the package was being sent to.
At least the town.
Thieves are now sending packages to vacant houses & when they see the delivery guy drop the package they collect the stolen goods and go on about their day.
My situation could've been worse like my entire identity stolen but it wasn't.
All I'm saying is be aware of your surroundings.
Keep your wallet tight.
Always check your bank/credit card accounts.

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  1. This happened to my dad. But, the bank called them and said "someone is trying to use your card in TX (we live in MO)are you currently on vacation?" My dad said nope and the declined the charges and sent my dad a new card. Banks & credit card companies are a lot better about this stuff nowadays!

  2. omg i would stalk and kill.
    you don't have to pay for all that do you?


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