Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend, where'd you go?

If I was the type to drink Starbucks every morning I think I'd order my coffee with 5 extra shots!
Pumps? I have no idea how to order but I need something strong.
Nothing beats having to be at work early on a Monday early for a darn meeting.
 A pointless meeting at that.
But anyways happy Monday.
The Gators won. The Jags lost.
Oh well. The weather was amazing.
Breezy! We decided to eat at Cracker Barrel instead of buying stadium food. I brought boiled peanuts and ended up selling a bag and made $3. too funny.
The Jags have this new Khan Crave with a bunch of tvs, gaming center, lazy boys, etc so we ended the day there and watched some girl wearing a short skirt almost showing her "goods" make out with some guy who may or may not have been her boyfriend. Who knows but it was absolutely disgusting.
Ryne met Ryne! I can't wait to hear his story about meeting him & getting to go to a Braves game!

 All in all it was a great weekend.
I'm just ready for Friday to be here again!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a boy & his ball

 Well, he made the tee ball team!
Which didn't surprise us since this boy lives for baseball!
The coaches and even director were impressed with what he knows for just being 3.
I'm so proud of this little guy and how far he's come from crying in baseball to these pictures below.
He takes this game serious.
Always ready for the ball.
Holds the bat the correct way.
& always makes sure mommy has his balls, glove, bat and helmet with her "just in case"!
He's on his way to meet the guy he was named after right now!
Ryne Sandberg is now a coach with the Phillies & they're playing the Braves tonight.
I can't wait for my sister to flood my text messages with pictures.
She even bought batting practice tickets & 8x10 pictures of Sandberg to have the little dude get signed!
I'm so excited for you!
You're my favorite little guy & I love playing ball with you every chance we get!
You're going to do amazing this tee ball season & I can't wait to watch you play the sport that you absolutely love.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

birthdays, meetings, football, oh my!

Hello Monday!

one: My Grandma celebrated her 81st birthday on Friday. What better way to celebrate than to have a party at Olive Garden which included the entire dining room singing happy birthday to her. Two random guys came to our table to hug her and wish her a happy birthday then invited her out to party with them! Holy smokes my grandma is a cougar! She said it herself :)
two: We had the most delicious pumpkin cheesecake to ever be placed in front of us! Try it now!
three: We all know my sister is my number 1 fan.
four: As much as Duke has annoyed the living stew out of me the last year, this past week he was actually a good dog. I tolerated him and I think he kind of loves me now. We napped on the couch during college football on Saturday
five:  I had a client meeting for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party coming up in October so I treated myself to an iced PSL.
six: Saturdays are meant for lounging and snoozing all day. When you wake up at the crack of dawn naps are mandatory in my house.
seven: So Ryne had tee ball try outs on Thursday and the director was really impressed with him. All the teams were full but they made the exception of adding Ryne to his team. The little dude is now an Ironbird & this Aunt is super excited to watch him play his favorite sport! I'm warning you now that lots of pictures of him at his game will be posted here.
eight: Remember Friday when my washer decided to now spin anymore? Well apparently my dad hated that I only had one light in the garage that he was going to surprise me and put a few more in on Saturday. Luckily I scored 2 eight foot fluorescent lights from work so he installed them for me.
nine: When watching NFL on Sundays the NFL Red Zone is the way to watch! No seriously all the games on one channel with only the teams in the red zone is the most amazing thing to ever happen to football. That & watching your Fantasy Football points soar past your opponent! So far J & I are undefeated!

Hope y'all had a great weekend. 

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Friday, September 20, 2013

happies & the crappies

Good morning lovelies!
Let's start off by saying that this week has been nothing but amazing.
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
The Happies!
I was able to enjoy my house all week with no extra guests.
Well besides J but he doesn't count since I really want him to move in soon.
The dogs have been so calm.
Normally they're constantly barking, wrestling, etc every night that you can't even hear the tv.
I enjoyed lots of down time in a quiet house.
I've only had to fill my car up once so far this week and I still have half a tank left!
Normally I fill up twice with all the driving that I've been doing.
I found panels for a privacy fence on the side of the road.
Its weird because right now they're leaning on my chain link fence and somehow only 2 panels keep getting "pushed" back over. I have a suspicion that my lazy neighbors who have been so rude lately with yelling at the dogs are doing this.
I booked 2 photo sessions this week!
I'm loving iOS7!
If you have any questions about iOS7 I wrote a blog post here!
The Crappies!
In the midst of this amazing week I've had my washer & dryer both go out on me.
Luckily my brother had a spare washer & dryer in my garage so I was able to switch them out.
Have a great football watchin' weekend!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well hello there!
Let's talk about iOS7!
Disclaimer: I'm not tech savvy but my boyfriend sure is!
Before everyone starts freaking out about not having enough space for the update STOP!
Don't delete any apps!
Connect your iPhone to iTunes and update that way!
No need to delete any pictures, videos, apps, etc!
Now for the fun part!
I'm loving iOS7!
Its faster!
You can block phone numbers!
It's a great multitasking system!
The look is very different.
Let's start with closing apps out!
Double tap the home button like you normally would and you see this:
Now slide your finger up on the picture and bam it's closed!
Slide your finger from the bottom up & you see this screen.
No more going into settings to turn on airplay mode, wifi, bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Rotation Lock, A FLASHLIGHT  {my personal favorite}, Alarm, Calculator & your camera!
Also this show AirDrop which allows you to share pictures, web links, contact, etc. from one iOS device to another.

The Photos are now in their own category! Such as the day/date you took the picture.
No more going into the App Store to update apps. It's automatic!
You now have iTunes Radio.
You can block calls or texts from a certain number. Open the settings app and scroll down to phone. Tap on it then tap the Blocked button, click add new then tap the contact you wish to no longer hear from. Do the same thing for text messages by selecting Messages & repeat above steps.
You can change Siri's voice to a male!
When you're browsing Safari you no longer have to scroll to the top to go back to the previous page! Just swipe your finger left or right!
Your camera now has the option to take a Square picture like IG. You also have different filters to chose from.
Seriously there's so much change it's amazing.
It's like getting a brand new phone!
Enjoy the new iOS7 and let me know which is your favorite new feature!


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Curls, curls, curls, curls

I received a text asking if I'd like to be a hair model for a wash & blow out yesterday!
Absolutely! I couldn't have responded any faster.
Who doesn't love getting their hair washed, dried & styled? 
I'm all for that any day of the week.

So I arrived at a local salon at the beach, was offered coffee, water or soda & told my hair dresser would be right with me.
A few moments later I'm sitting in the wash chair getting my scalp massaged like never before.
It honestly felt like a deep tissue massage which would be perfect for when I get migraines.
Complete bliss. Relaxation. Take me away from the world for 10 minutes. Awesomeness.

So here I am completely made up with no where to go. 

I'll never be able to replicate this hair style. 
If you have any advice please send it my way. 
I know I have to curl away from my face but looking in the mirror and trying to curl away confuses the heck out of me.
I've watched numerous youtube videos & still can't grasp it. 
But I'm completely in awe with my hair curled like this!!!

I'm off to a three hour meeting. 
Enjoy your Tuesday! 



Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Hello lovelies!
It's time to recap what I've been doing lately.
Sami's Shenanigans
 one: I read somewhere that you can get Alex & Ani at TJ Maxx so Friday I ended up getting the rest of my sisters belated birthday gift to complete her bangle collection of her kids first initial!
Then I ended up getting myself one the following day!
two: I surprise H & R at dinner on Friday and Ryne was showing off his tattoos he picked out from the treasure box! All sports of course!

three: We stopped by a favorite hangout to let the kids read books and burn all the extra energy they had before going home to bed!
four: Nothing is sweeter than seeing these two get excited and love all over me.
five: yes their sitting on a fake gator!
This weekend I kept it low key since J was at the Gentleman Of The Road festival.
I caught up on Orange Is The New Black, sleep, made myself dinner two nights in a row & went shopping. I'm definitely not ready for this week to start.
How was your weekend? 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Shop Hello Darling

Dear blog,
I'm truly sorry for abandoning you this week.
I promise its for a good reason.
Dear readers,
Thank for the countless emails I received asking where I was.
I mean who disappears like that at the beginning of the week without a word.
Some of you may have noticed new postings of dresses on my IG feed.
I have decided to start my own online store!
I've been so inspired by a few other boutiques to be happy with what my career is.
Its obvious that I've been miserable the last few years. I've watched my own mom & brother run their own successful business so why not give it a shot. Besides if I don't at least try I'll never know if I'll succeed! Thus the reason Shop Hello Darling was created!
Here are a few options I'm offering right now.
It's football season.
Most of everyone loves college football.
So I'm selling these adorable game day dresses.

If you're not a UF, UGA or FSU fan what would you like me to buy?
These dresses are $36 plus shipping.
Email me if you'd like to purchase this dress at
hellodarlingboutique {at} gmail {dot} com
Also if you want to request a certain dress email me there as well!

Please go to Instagram and follow Shop Hello Darling
I'm hoping to have my website up very soon & will be offering some of your favorites from other boutiques as well!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh Mondays {giveaway for the locals}

Football weekends are exhausting.
Especially when the teams you're rooting for lose.
Not everyday you see an airboat in the parking lot.
At least not in Jax.

We had such a great time with friends this weekend.
Ate too much food.
Got sunburnt.
& now I think I'm getting sick.
Or at least I felt like that last night.
Enough to have me in bed and asleep before 10:00.
Today I have something amazing to share with you local folks!
At Southside Dermatology our staff is dedicated to providing you with quality comprehensive skin care. We treat people with general dermatology concerns, perform skin cancer surgeries, and offer you a variety of cosmetic procedures. As a patient at Southside Dermatology your concerns will be addressed by a caring, dedicated and personable staff. We will strive to exceed your expectations.

are offering you this!

Yes you read that correctly!
Free Laser Hair Removal Package!
{bikini area or under arms}
If you're local you'll want to enter this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Happy Friday!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Oh Friday!
How I love to see you show your sweet face!
This week has flown by. Just like most weeks right.
We're 109 days away from it being Christmas Day.
No I'm not keeping track but someone on FB posts about it.
Every. Single. Day.
So yeah. Onward with my HAPPIES & CRAPPIES of this week.
Today Josh & I have been together for 11 months!
Holy smokes you guys.
It's amazing. I really want time to slow down but I wouldn't change anything for the world.
I woke up with Dodger this morning & sent my amazing guy a happy anniversary text!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us.
Jags game & a going away party for a friend of his who's boyfriend is moving out of state with the Navy. Such a sad day to have to start a long distance relationship but with a strong enough love, lots of trust and facetime they will make it through.
Eh. It's Friday I won't complain about anything!
Except for the fact that I tweeted what McD's did to me in the drive thru and McD's Customer Service tweeted me back with an apology and a form to fill out.
They have continued to update me on the situation.
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend full of FOOTBALL!
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Thursday, September 5, 2013


I've been wanting a bacon & cheese biscuit since Saturday from McDonald's and both times I went to place my order something went wrong. The first drive thru just didn't answer me back but were placing other drive thru orders {its a double drive thru} so I ended up leaving.
The 2nd time it was 10:20 when I drove up to the drive thru to sit in line and by the time I was at the speaker I ordered and was told they no longer are selling breakfast. I mean it was 10:32 but if you can't move a line faster than 12 minutes with 4 cars waiting then you don't deserve the raise you're currently seeking!
I cannot wait for fall to arrive. I had my first & probably last PSL over the weekend. It didn't agree with me but my goodness all things pumpkin are delicious! Besides I want to wear leggings everyday of the week. With cute boots. Scarves. & look like I just stepped off Pinterest.
I could win the lotto. Or the $1000 Thursday from a local radio station. Just any extra money to help pay off my bills. I mean who wouldn't want the extra flow anyways!
To open my own online boutique. I've been researching this for a few months now & every time I start to get annoyed with my current job I question myself as to why I haven't started my own shop.
Royals by Lorde!

That's obvious! A certain guy has really stolen my heart. I hate the days we're not together but the days we are, are that much sweeter. I'm completely crazy about him. Wish I never had to leave his side.

If you haven't currently jumped on the party buss follow me here!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Letter From Fred

Have you seen this?
Seriously I'm in tears watching this sweet man talk about his wife.
This is what music should be about.
Not all the twerking, every other word being a curse word, but about love!
 & grab a box of tissues!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day without laboring

Hello September!
3 day weekends are amazing & should be every week not just on holidays!
I started my weekend off at the gym.
& today I plan on going again & again tomorrow & so on.
I ended my weekend with this gorgeous sunset.
& if you know anything about me I'm not a fan of bridges. Especially this one.
Sunday I was supposed to meet my moms cousin but he ended up making other plans at the last minute. RUDE!
The a/c in my car has decided to quit during the hottest days of the year!
Nothing like sweating the entire hour drive out of town.
{nothing a little Freon couldn't fix}
  J & I enjoyed a picnic in Palm Coast on the intercoastal, a pool to ourselves & lots of laughter.
We watched a ton of boats go by, jet skiers & wished we were on a jet ski ourselves.

My uncle took us to this European Village in Palm Coast for yogurt.
I loved this quaint little area. Its a huge circle with stores below & apartments adorn with their own balcony.

I definitely paid for both of these treats over the weekend.
One gave me a horrible migraine while the other had too many calories to count.
Thankfully Josh took care of me for the 4 hours I was completely out of it.
I have no idea what I'd do without him.

 All in all it was an amazing weekend. I was sad to see it go especially since I couldn't sleep last night. Someone likes to watch tv a bit too loud but I won't name any names :)
Hey guess what!
We missed Monday!
Got to love a short 4 day work week!

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