Tuesday, August 27, 2013

As long as you love me...

Yesterday my sweet neighbor asked me if I was going to the Backstreet Boys concert & since money has been limited lately I was unable to afford it.
So she graciously gave me her ticket.
I met up with the 4 other girls for a fun GNO.
Its so funny that 14 years ago we were the teeny boppers being dropped off in front of the arena by our parents. Now 2 of us have babies, 1 is expecting and I'm still loving my life with J.
Yes the girl I'm standing next to is 20 weeks pregnant.
She looks absolutely amazing and pregnancy makes her even more beautiful!
 DJ Pauly D opened up for BSB & yes I had no idea who he was.
I knew I heard of him before from Jersey Shore from I has no clue he was now a DJ.
Then is became quite and as soon as the lights went out I was taken back to my youth.
I couldn't help but laugh and watch all the other ladies my age freak out when BSB hit the stage.

We had a great night.
BSB still has it going on.
& if you follow my IG feed you'd see a few other videos I was able to post.
Until my phone kept telling me I was out of storage.

Thanks BSB for taking me back to my 14 year old self.

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  1. ahhhh I'm soooo jealous!!!

  2. Ashley looks AMAZING!!! Sad glad you guys had fun! And sooo jealous I live so far away!

  3. Love your dress!

    I was the same way when I saw NKOTB a few years ago... I had NO IDEA those little 12 year old feelings still existed in me but when I saw them, it was just like I was transported back in time! Glad you got to experience that and had a fun girls night out... those are the best!

  4. I am very jealous of this concert!!!

  5. SO COOL!!!! you might have the nicest neighbor ever!
    i was like a jr and sr in high school when they were on top of the world. i had AJ posters on my wall, i was so in love with him haha.


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