Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a Lovin' type of weekend

It's the final weekend for Google Friend Connect.
But no worries!
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It's the freakin' weekend

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Extremely Exhausted

Lately work has been CRAZY!
As in it being hot, rains everyday & all the bugs come out crazy!
Exhaustion has definitely set in.
When I get off work all I want to do is climb in bed.
That hard when I have 4 pets who need my attention when I get home.
Then I have family & friends are want to go out to eat, shop, need pictures & I do it.
Which makes me even more exhausted.
I love being busy but I'm ready to slow down.
I'm the type of person who can lay my head down anywhere, close my eyes & I'm out.
Poor Josh gets off work & tries to wake me up & I don't budge.
He does get a good laugh when I say random things in the middle of me sleeping.
Like the other night, he's been sick with a cold so his nose has been stopped up, I heard him trying to breath and told him to QUIT. I mean it was in my ear & was a God awful sound.
THen he tells me to take him outside to pee like I do with the dogs. I mean SERIOUSLY? Who thinks of this stuff?
I always ask him to wake me up to watch Jimmy Fallon on Fridays just for the thank you notes and last Friday he successfully woke me up for the first note to Kim & Kayne. I laughed then fell asleep right after!
So I leave you with Jimmy's Thank You Notes from last Friday.

Here's to a weekend of relaxing by a pool & lots of sleep!

Don't forget to sign up for the July Favorite Things Swap! You only have until Sunday to sign up!

Happy Friday

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hana Hair Dryer {review}

When I was contacted by Misikko to review one of their products I was so giddy I responded back within seconds! I've been wishing & hoping & praying I'd get chosen to do a review for them!
Misikko sent me the Hana Air Premiere Hair Dryer along with a bunch of goodies! I was surprised to see everything packed so neatly in the box. I was too eager to open the box so I didn't get any pictures with is prefectly packaged.

I've been the girl who goes 4 days before washing, drying & straightening my hair because it's such a pain & takes way too much time. But now I'm excited to wash my hair only to dry it within minutes with my new hair dryer. I'm sure you've read many reviews about how long it takes to dry and honestly it cuts down half the time than my old dryer.
Besides it leaves my hair so silky, smooth than I don't even need to straighten it. My hair feels so much more healthy since I've been using the Premiere Hair Dryer.

The one & only part I don't like about this dryer is the long 12' cord that comes with it.
I stay with Josh half the week and packing a bag plus wrapping the cord around the dryer gets annoying. But this product is also described to be used by "professionals" & I know the cord needs to be long enough to style hair in a salon.
So all my hair dresser friends this is a must in your salon.
The price tag is pretty hefty but so worth it! Besides shipping was incredibly fast. My package was shipped Wednesday & on Friday it was at my front door!
Thats what I call great customer service!

Thank you Misikko for allowing me to review the Hana Hair Dryer!

*I was given this Hana Hair Dryer as a gift to review. No other compensation was provided. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced by anything but my love for this product.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Favorite Things Swap Sign Up

It's officially Summer!
Weekends in Las Vegas, afternoons at the pool, and lots and lots of BBQ. With all of this going on, Lauren and I decided to put Hello Box on hiatus. In the spirit of Summer, we wanted to bring you a fun swap for July.
favorite things swap   Since it's summer, we want to know what your 'summer staples' are! Can you not live without your sunless tanner or your neon nail polish? What about your favorite magazine to read at the pool? Pack your Summer faves and share with a friend!
  How to enter:
1. Follow Life is Sweet and Pink on the Cheek via Bloglovin' (THANK YOU!)
2. Leave a comment below with your name and your email address (Sign ups will close at 6:00pm pst on 6/30/2013!).
3. On July 1st we will email you partner's name and email address.
4. It's YOUR responsibility to reach out to your partner for their mailing address within 48 hours!
  5. Shop your favorite Summer Staples {max $15}
send your package by MONDAY JULY 22nd.
Participants who don't follow the rules, sorryimnotsorry, will not be able to join us again for swaps. I have been getting emails from bloggers who sign up for these fun swaps and their partner is MIA. It's not fair to them. So please, only sign up if you are actually going to participate!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
This weekend was crazy!
I worked Saturday and I did a photobooth for a 10 year high school reunion.
The hotel hosting the reunion was also hosting an event for The Acient City Con!
I walked in and seriously thought I was in a Harlem Shake video.
People were dressed as gyspy's, horses, knights, etc!
I loved seeing everyone who graduated the year before me.
Especially one of my favorite bloggers, Traci!
She has the cutest little girl ever!
 I enjoyed snuggles from Dodger
ended up with a darn parking ticket!
 Then of course I ended my weekend at a Suns baseball game
with all my favorite people!
 THIS is our everyday picture taking problem!
A problem I don't mind having with him!
Yes we're trying to mean mug our way through life and it's not working out to good in our favor.
So we'll just celebrate life together!

I'll be opening up July Hello Box Sign Ups this afternoon!
Don't forget to come back if you'd like to meet other bloggers!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Thank You Notes

I'm obsessed with Jimmy Fallon!
Especially his Friday thank you notes!
So today I bring you my thank you notes.
Thank you Friday for coming today. I wish you arrived earlier in the week!
Thank you to my mom's sweet baby girl Khloe for being one of the best dogs ever! We will forever miss you sweet girl.
Thank you to Miley Cyrus for being such an embarrassment to yourself. What a great role model you are to your Hannah Montana fans.

Thank you Kimye for naming your daughter North. Oh but wait Nory/Norrie/Norry is cute. Just wait until she gets made fun of in school!
Thank you Candy Crushers for still sending me requested to play you! I'm done crushing you!
Thank you to my sisters ex boyfriend for being just an ex. Now please stop stalking/creeping on my blog! We see you. There is a thing called an IP Address and yes I see you creeping!
Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

guest blogger: sister :)


Hi y'all! It's Jamie. I would love to say that I hacked into Jen's account but that wouldn't be true since she handed over the log in creds with no question. I think Jen blogs all day long. What's the saying? Hardly working? Yeah. Well, it's my turn. Since she usually writes about me and my sweet babies, tonight I write about her!

We had another fun night! Another night at the ball field. A place where we love to be. A place that we'll be hanging out at a lot in our future and we are not complaining. We grew up going to many local ball games and also loved traveling to watch the Atlanta Braves play! We love the Jacksonville Suns! For many reasons :) The games are exciting, fun and it's so nice to spend time together. Baseball's never been hotter! 


Awesome pic from our fav Suns stadium op

 the group :)

This guy always wins something. Tonight the suns were giving away $100 every inning to a lucky fan (if the Suns scored a run). And he caught a fly ball. I know one little boy that will be very excited! Thanks Josh! 

I saved the best for last. Isn't my sister is beautiful?! She makes us laugh, she is easy to talk to and is a great listener. She is so sassy but yet so sweet! She is the best sister and aunt ever! My daughter is so much like her. I am thankful for you. 

I had so much fun with you tonight Enna and I am so looking forward to all of the ball games that we will be spending together! That's a lot of burgers, balls and boiled peanuts! Root, root, root!

Thanks sister!
Love to all, 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

National Sister Day {Unofficial}

Having a sister means you always have a bestfriend!
Especially when you're only 15 months apart.
We have always been somewhat close except those days where I wanted to wear the same piece of jewelry she was wearing. We argued. We fought. We cried. We got spankings together. We would throw the hairbrush at each other. {or maybe that was me}We made invisible lines in our room so the other wouldn't get in their personal space. We played barbies. We picked on each other. We loved each other!
To this day my sister & I always try to see each other.
She married & moved away for a few years and although I had little money I would make a trip to see her. Well maybe I just wanted to see my sweet newborn niece Haley but don't tell her that! We go on double dates! We love watching baseball. I love watching her be the best mom she can be to Haley & Ryne. I love all her random texts she sends.
Last week I jokingly put on her FB wall that it was National Sisters Day & we needed to get ice cream! So we made it happen!
My sister is my bestfriend!
 I'm her biggest fan & she supports everything I do!
 Even if I had to be told to slow down on the partying when I was in high school!
 She taught me so many lessons in life!
 I'm forever grateful for her!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend shenanigans with Sami.
Sami's Shenanigans
The weekend started off with a glass of Roscato!
Work last week was crazy! And is only going to get even more crazy with the hot temps!
Saturday I went to the ballfield with a few of my favorite people.
This time is was Bark in the Park but we didn't know this until we arrived and saw all these dogs at the field. I was a little upset I didn't get to run the bases with Dodger!
 Sunday was filled with family time! Lots of it.
First Josh & I stopped for jelly donut & red velvet pancakes!
I completely forgot my makeup at my house from the night before. Thank God for big sunglasses!

 We ended up eating dinner with my family for Fathers Day & played Heads Up.
I've never laughed so hard in my entire life!
Seriously download the app now and play with a group of friends!
You won't be disappointed!
& because I want y'all to have a good laugh here's one of the catogories from Heads Up
-Act It Out! I have the phone up to my forehead while it videos everyone acting out the word.


Happy Monday!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Smack that monkey

For those of you trying to get through this Friday afternoon maybe this will help!

It's almost the freakin' weekend!
{this video isn't showing up on my phone but it does play on a desktop}
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Keep your family close at heart

Last weekend was a day spent at the beach, inlet, pool, dirt roads and camping!
This little boy was so excited to see me!
So I jumped right in the pool and played our little hearts out!

That is until we got too tired from swimming all day that we needed a nap!
& to tell this little boy its time to get out of the pool wasn't so much fun!
I mean look at how pitiful his face is!
Haley, well she just didn't want her picture taken!

After a quick shower he was ready to go again!
So off to eat an early dinner with the family.
How cute are those stop signs!
It was the perfect height for our little cyclers.

He's always the life of the party!
We're all minding our business when he takes a lime and says "hey guys watch my face"
and he puts the lime in his mouth!
Then it was time for a little family photo sesh.
This little girl has come out of her shell finally!
"this is my new pose!"

Growing up so close in age was always so hard.
We argued all the time.
But once we heard our mom say "I'm calling your dad" & having him tell us "just wait until I get home" we knew what kind of trouble we were in.
My dad has this belt that stung so bad Jamie ended up putting a "golden book" in her pants! & since I was the baby I always told on them for everything.
Now we laugh at all the times we got in trouble and tell Haley & Ryne how Enna & mommy always got in arguements for pulling hair or pranking their mommy and making her sick!

Family is so important in my life!
Enjoy every minute you have with them!
I'm so blessed with how close my family is and hope we will always be this close.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shop My Closet

Who loves to shop?
Who loves a good sale?
Well you've come to the right place!
I have a few dresses/swim suit cover ups/ tanks/ shirts that I'm getting rid of!
Leave a comment with your paypal email so I can invoice you.

1. Black Olivia Matthews dress with belt size: XL$18.00
2. Plum Scarlett dress size: L $15.00
3. Black & White with Red belt JFW dress $18.00

 1.gray Max Edition shirt Size: M $12.00
2. Black one shoulder cinched Enforce dress size: L $18.00
3. Purple with black lace NEVER WORN Maurices shirt Size:XL Retails $26.00 selling for $12.00
 1.Aqua Floral Apt9 tank NEVER WORN Size: XL Retails $30.00 selling for $10.00
2.Salmon Shell Forever 21 size: M $12.00
3.Ivory & Black shirt Size XL $12.00

1.Coral & Lime Bali Club NEVER WORN Size: L beach cover up or tunic Retails $46.00 Selling for $15.00
2.One World Dress Size: L $16.00
3. Rhapsody dress Size L  $16.00
1. Salmon Forever 21 shirt NEVER WORN Retails $22.80 selling for $12.00

Shipping $2.00 FLAT
USA only

Thanks for shopping my closet!

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