Monday, August 26, 2013

NSYNC, VMA's, Jags game {Sponsor & Giveaway}

Another weekend has come & gone.
Why do they fly by?
Seriously it was just Saturday.
Sami's Shenanigans
A busy weekend at that.
We didn't get to tailgate because we thought it was going to storm on us.
But we ended up walking around the stadium and my feet were punished with 2 big blisters on my pinky toes.
Those shoes didn't get to come back home with me.
Then the VMAs happened!
The Smith Family's reaction to Lady Gaga wearing a G-string during her performance cracked me up!!!
We won't talk about Miley.
The girl is a train wreck. Just another Amanda Bynes is you ask me.
 Then the talk of the show!
NSYNC performed!
Justin's performance was absolutely amazing.
I got chills seeing NSYNC back on stage together.
I really hope they do a reunion tour as I'm sure most of us girls who were reliving their youth are.

Because I know we all want to see this again!

& now I want to introduce you to the most adorable Etsy shop around.
Stephanie has a plethora of items such as t-shirts, wall prints, stationary, wedding buttons, greeting cards, etc! She's snarky, spunky, creative and you're going to love her shop!
Stephanie wants to give one lucky reader the cat print in the middle!
So all you cat lovers or if you know a cat lover and want to win that print enter away!

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  1. OMG Miley. No. Just no. It was so uncomfortable to watch.

  2. OMG Miley--- TRAINWRECK and RATCHET. I was digusted by her performance.

    I loved NSYNC's performance. I was like a little school girl all over again. Lol.


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