Friday, August 23, 2013

happies & crappies vol. 3

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Another week has come & gone.
I'm definitely NOT complaining.
I'm ready for the weekend just as much as you are.
Did you see that I'm still offering the FREE  ad space from last weekend?
I only have a few spots left so grab your spot before they're all gone.
I'm using Adproval now because I don't make enough profit to pay Passion Fruit.
Matt who is the guy behind Adproval has been so helpful in helping me switch all my ads through Passion Fruit over.
Seriously if you're looking for a new place to have your ads check out Adproval!
You'll be happy to make that switch!
Sorry I'm not sorry!
Remember last week during happies & crappies  I mentioned about my car needed new front tires?
Well this week on top of needing new tires my car battery decided to go to battery heaven!
I honestly hate being a responsible adult.
I'd really like to go back to the days where my parents bought me things I "needed", put a roof over my head, free internet & cable, made me dinner & washed my clothes.
Please & thank you!
We all wanted life to pass us by in school & now we're all complaining about adult things!
I know I'm not the only one mad about growing up.
Admit it!
But back to happies & crappies how was your week?
Here's how mine went :::::
I worked out one day this week. That's a good start. Don't judge me.
I was able to play with Haley & Ryne a bit this week while my sister was out of town for business.
There's nothing sweeter than R saying "hold you hold you" all while hugging my neck as tight as he can. Then asking me if he can sit in my lap while I ate my dinner.

Enjoying time alone on my front stoop with D-man! Sometimes he just needs to get away from the other two dogs.
I became "techy" long enough to make my own button! -------->
Check it out and take me along with you!
I really needed a new button since I'm no longer a brunette!
Besides my battery dying I was also stranded at work all day. With no lunch.
Not so much fun at all! That's one way to shrink the stomach!

Tomorrow is another Jaguar preseason game which means tailgating, spending lots of time with J & friends & drinking wine!
Perfect weekend if you ask me!

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  1. Love your new button, super cute!

  2. I'm pretty irritated with the PassionFruit change, but I hadn't realized there were other companies. I guess I just hadn't had the time to look. Thanks for throwing that out there!

    Visiting from the Happies and Crappies hop =)

  3. Just updated your new button on my blog... it's super cute! Have a good weekend girlie!

  4. WOOHOO for making your own button, I am very impressed!

    Stopping by from the linkup

  5. Raine is the cutest thing since...he is just the cutest dang thing.

    and I am super jealous of your tailgating lifestyle. Please fly me up to Jax to drink and watch football tooo:(


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