Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank you for making my day!

I come home for lunch everyday since I work less than a mile from where I live. Today though Haley stayed home from school because she's been throwing up. I walked into my sister's room where Haley was watching the Barenstain Bears when she told me, "I have a hug & a kiss for you Enna." Talk about my heart melting! I just love her so much. So she stands on the bed to walk over to me and gives me the sweetest hug ever. Then she kissed me on one cheek, then the other, then I told her my chin needed a kiss and so did my forehead! She kissed me 4 times and told me she loved me! I hope she never grows out of this stage she's in.

I love you my sweet Rose!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogger Meeting

On Wednesday I was able to meet Lucie. I've been reading her blog for about 2 years now and have talked to her via twitter. We ended up at a nail salon where it all went down hill! In a good/bad way!

We walked in, told the guy we both wanted a pedicure and picked out our color. Then all of a sudden Lucie dropped the nail polish and it splattered on the tile floor! She profusely apologized for dropping the bottle and no one in the salon even said anything to either of us!

So we ended up getting to our pedicure chairs, chatted for about 45 minutes then allowed our toes to dry!

When the ladies brought over our bills, Lucie's was $8 more than mine! Apparently the owner of the nail salon charged Lucie for the bottle of polish she broke! But $8!!! Really? Come on she's been going to this nail salon for over 2 years faithfully and you're going to charge her for a half empty bottle of polish! Oh man! We ended up talking to "Joe" about why he didn't inform her of this extra $8 charge to her credit card and he stated he could've charged her for the clean up! Then, he throws our the racist card! Well Americans have a "you break you buy" policy! What the heck! Really Joe! So I start getting mad and inform him he just lost two customers all the while theres other customers sitting in the chairs getting maincures! Ive never had such a bad experience in a nail salon. But meeting Lucie was such a blast.

I can't wait to get together with her again! I just hope we don't continue to have bad service.

**Iphone pictures are always blurry!**

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I couldn't figure out which pictures to post so I chose all of them! Hope you don't mind!

We had a blast! Haley loved the pumpkin carriage. She felt like Cinderella!!!And Ryne just loved the hay and all the pumpkins! I'm hoping to go to a corn maze in Hilliard thi year. I just found out we even have such a thing! Who knew and I've lived here my entire life!

Happy fall y'all!

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