Tuesday, April 30, 2013

deep thoughts

I'm a nervous wreck!
I may be put together like nothing is bothering me.
But deep inside I'm a mess.
I'm scared.
Driving myself bat crazy.
So many thoughts swirling around my head.
I'm having surgery this Friday to remove a cyst or mass thats on my scalp.
I'm not afraid of surgery.
I'm not afraid that a section of hair will have to be shaved.
{ok yes I am}
I'm not afraid of anesthesia.
I'm not afraid of recovery.
I'm most afraid of what my doctor will find.
Please pray for my nerves to calm down.
I'm more than ready to have this bump gone.
The pain it's caused for the last 2 years.
The headaches I've dealt with for even longer.
After this is all said & done I'm going to need a vacation!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Vol. 9

Hey Lovelies!
It's Monday again!
Which means its time for my weekend shenanigans post!
This weekend was filled with family fun!
But not without having a headache 2 days in a row which caused me to miss out on girls night.
Haley is praying for a strike! Ryne was just upset that we were done with our game!
What better way to nurse a headache than to have my BFF laying on me!
"Someday I'll be living a big ole city" those kids have no idea
Saturday morning I headed to Fernandina Beach to meet Ashley with Hello Colie!
She's a doll!

Then my brothers gf & I stopped at Sandollar Restaurant & Marina for a delish lunch and rode the ferry back to town! Its been years that I last rode the ferry and it's much shorter than I remember!

Then Sunday the entire family got to see Ryne throw the first pitch for the Suns game!
He did amazing! & as Jarrod said he is a cannon!
3 years old & he threw it from the bottom of the pitchers mound to the catcher!
He's ready for the big leagues!
 & what better way to watch a minor league game than with this guy! He makes me so happy!
Don't forget to enter to win a $100 shopping spree to Hello Colie from Hallie, Kayla and myself!
Happy Monday!


Hello Colie {Giveaway}

There is no doubt that there is thousands of amazing things that come from blogging. A way to vent your feelings, an outlet for creativity, and amazing business relationships. All these things and more are the reason blogging is so easy to fall in love with, but I have 2 extra special reasons I loooove blogging... Meet Hallie & Kayla, my blogging besties.

Kayla has been introduced on the blog before but I met her "accidentally" one day browsing through blogs. She recently got engaged to B and is planning for a fall wedding. Hallie & I were paired when I signed up for "Cara Box" & have made an amazing friendship with her! Little did I know Kayla & Hallie were already texting wedding talk! 
We text almost everyday telling embarrassing stories, sharing much needed advice, sending pre, post, and missed workout pictures, you name it.  It sucks that there is so much distance between the 3 of us, and even though I have never "met" these girls in person I consider them two of my VERY best friends. We decided we really wanted to do a blog post/giveaway highlighting the amazing relationships that can come from blogging and the community it brings! Not only is blogging a great way to meet friends, it's a great way to find and help out local/small business in fulfilling their dreams as well! 

Hallie has the color block clutch & I'm wearing the Leopard & Neon shirt! 

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Ashley always wanted a career in fashion and always dreamed of opening her own boutique but as any person in business knows it isn't exactly that simple.  In 2008, her senior year at Southeastern University, she decided to begin her mission of helping girls everywhere sparkle. As her middle name is Nicole {Colie was a nickname given to her by her Dad} and when deciding on the name for her boutique nothing seemed to fit quite as well as Colie's. Ashley hand picks each item that is sold at Colie's, and works very hard to find the most unique and on trend items at fabulous price points. I am hoping by now you have been or will go to her site and fall in love with all her selections. Your next step? Start making your wish list now because you have the chance to win a $100 dollar gift card to Colie's shop! Yep, I said it $100 BUCKS! a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck and feel free to share with us your bloggy BFF stories! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week In Review Vol. 6

Everything you missed is all in one place!
I always enjoy my Mondays. Yes its the beginning of the work week but for me that day flies by!
I blogged about my WEEKEND SHENANIGANS with Sami.My sister & I partied with Carrie Underwood!


I completely embarassed myself! Please tell me some of your embarassing stories!
I had a brain fart and didn't post. Really life just was too busy to remember about posting!
I dumped all my iPhone pics into one post!
Lots of fun is being had because we only live one life so why not make it a fun one!

I got crazy and posted 3 times! Yes 3! Who does that? This girl obviously!
Ever heard of Hello Box? No? you'll want to read this post! Maybe your new BFF is waiting for you?
Draft Day 2013 happened Thursday evening! We had a blast enjoying this event and even saw Shad Khan!
I'm also a co-host with Sarah for I Love My Post link up!
Life in a Break Down
That was a lot!
Enjoy your weekend!
Ryne gets to throw the first pitch at the Suns game on Sunday! He's beyond excited!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Draft Day 2013

Yesterday I rushed home from work to celebrate Draft Day 2013.
The Jags were hosting the event at our stadium  with bounce houses, wall climbing, zip lines, meeting some players & the cheerleaders as well as the owner Shad Khan.

I knew H & R would completely LOVE this event since it was held on the field!
I mean what kid wouldn't love this? I even enjoyed it!

Josh & I saw Lucie!
If you've been reading for a while you'll know she's the one who introduced us!
We even saw a few cheerleaders my sister and I grew up with!
Ryne was loving every second of Draft Day!
Then..... Shad Khan came out and took a picture with H & R! Seriously these kids are so lucky!
The brunette cheerleader was H's dance teacher.
Ryne wanted to go look at the new jerseys so he asked Josh to take him.
I seriously cracked up when Josh picked him up because he had no idea how to hold a kid!
Then like any other man Ryne goes up on his shoulders!
Yep thats how you hold a kid no doubt!
Can we talk about those last two pictures please!
That hat. The drums. Those crossed arms!
I die!
Every ounce in my body is so in love.
These two guys were in Heaven all night!
I don't think Ryne quit smiling once!

 I'm not even sure who Luke Joeckel is but I hope he can help the Jags win some games this season!

Don't forget to sign up for the May Hello Box!

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I Love My Post {link up}

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May Hello Box Sign Up

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

iPhone Dump

A little iPhone dump since I've been slacking on my blog lately.
I met my sister at Chuck E Cheese one night for a little play time.
Pizza time & secrets!
I handed Haley a pair of sunglasses on the drive home & her response was
" oh Enna you bought me sunglasses"
Me: "Yes do you like them?"
H: "I do thank you"
Me: "Lets take a picture with them on"
 H: "You mean our hot sunglasses right"
 Me: "You're right baby girl!"
Don't mind Ryne! He's still trying to figure skeeball out!

The evenings have been perfect to just sit outside and enjoy the weather. Luckily for my they are exhausted after our evening walk/runs! Proof is in the last picture!

 I adore this man!
Enough said!
 I had blood & paper work before next week's surgery and I ended up at the wrong hospital.
Not my fault this time!
Shoes: Target $15
They have a ton of sandals that I loved but only bought 2.

Happy Draft Day!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I exposed my panties

I have never been more embarrassed.
Yesterday around 1:30 I just came back to work from picking up lunch and happened to look down at my ankles to see my panties. Not the ones I was wearing but the ones I wore the day before.
Normally when I'm getting undressed I take my pants & panties off together. Today, well I'll be slipping out of each piece of clothing one item at a time. I'm so thankful the undies didn't fall completely out while I was out & about or even in my office. I work with a bunch of guys and we all know how guys are. I'm also thankful for a little things called static cling! 
So yeah how I didn't push them out while putting my jeans back on I have no idea. 
Do you have an embarrassing story?
Please tell me I'm not the only one that has had this happen to me. 
Of course I had to fill in my blog BFFs in on what happened to me I knew they'd crack up!!


I think I need a vacation!




Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Carrie Underwood Style Vol. 8

I've been waiting for this weekend to get here for months! I won 5th row tickets to the Carrie Underwood Blown Away Concert and couldn't wait to take my sister with me.
 Hunter Hayes was amazing as well! The boy knows how to get the girls screaming for sure! You make me feel wanted HH. Too bad we didn't get to meet you after the show!
 Obviously Carrie, Jamie and myself are BFFs. She even waved at my sister! Holy amazeballs y'all! She knows her BFFs anywhere she goes!
 The girl has class!
 We saw both Hunter & Carrie in Orlando back in December & loved that they made their way to Jacksonville to party with us!
What girl wouldn't want to fly around & see her best friends in the audience?
 She definitely blew us away with her outfit changes & performance.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Mine was amazing!

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