Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Wednesday

Today was completely random. H woke up sick this morning so I ended up staying home with her until my mom got off work. She was going to come into work with me until she started throwing up. I guess the bug is going around. So many people have had this nastiness and I refuse to get it.

 I guess this is my new face. I have no idea why I take pictures like this but I guess you can say this is my "I'm bad to the bone" look! ha 

 Look who finally is showing off her baby! Don't you just want to pinch Maxi's chunky cheeks! She's too cute for words and I love LOVE love her name. 

As I was heading into work I saw this SUV with a couch on top. Umm seriously people? 

Look how gorgeous the sky was after a thunderstorm. I love living in FL.

He seriously loves me and I love him. 
{I hate how my iPhone makes my pictures so blurry when using the front camera}


While H & I waited for my mom to get home she showed off her missing tooth and we had girl talk. She is such the diva. She coughed and thought she was going to vomit so she grabbed the bowl, coughed into it then said "oh my I thought I was going to throw up". Her momma definitely has her hands full with this sweet girl. By the way the tooth fairy is really generous these days! She ended up with a $20 bill under her pillow. Ummmm What! I think I only got like a $1 for my teeth growing up. 

{Happy hump day}


tooth fairy

How cute is this? I can't believe how fast H is growing up! She finally lost her FIRST tooth Tuesday night. She said it was hurting her so Uncle Josh pulled it out. I can't wait to hear all about what the tooth fairy leaves under her pillow!!!



Day 29- Numbers

The weather has been crazy lately but I definitely don't mind running when its sprinkling out. Tonight was another story. Do you see what the humidity is at? 

This was from my run on Monday night. I would've taken a picture after Tuesday's run but I looked like I just got out of the shower. 


Baby Boom

Over the last few days a bunch of my friends from high school have posted that they are expecting! This makes me so incredibly happy but yet so sad. I can't wait until the Lord brings Mr. Right into my life so we can start a family. I long for a baby so bad and seeing others getting pregnant makes me want one even more. I seriously might just scream the next time someone posts that they are pregnant. {please don't get me wrong I'm excited for each of you who are pregnant}


Tonight I get to take newborn pictures of a sweet baby girl who is only 2 weeks old. That should help with my baby fever! 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 26- 12 o'clock

I completely forgot to take a picture at noon {probably because I was reading Fifty} so I had to wait until midnight to get my picture a day. Then I deleted it off my phone because I have too many pictures and I wanted to document TS Beryl. Thank God for Instagram!
{btw my phone is always dying}
{yes I'm obsessed with my iPhone}



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl 2012

What else do you do when there's a Tropical Storm coming your way? well you head out to the beach to see how crazy the waves are of course! These picture do no justice. the wind was insane and looking at the bottom picture of this collage you can see the sand blowing towards the pier. We're expected to get 80 mph winds here in North FL.

I wanted to get a picture of the palm trees just to see how crazy this TS is. 

After dinner at Poe's Tavern my BFF and her family came over for a bit. We made mixed drinks cracked up at each other. Here's to hoping I don't lose power tonight. So far so good. I don't sleep well without a fan & a/c on! Yes I'm spoiled.


Something SWEET - Tropical Storm Beryl

Day 27- Something Sweet- My first time trying French Fry Heaven. I had the sweet potato fries with nutella and peanut butter on them. OMGoodness!!! absolutely yummy but definitely killed my diet!

Candy Store

Our second storm of the season and the season hasn't even started yet. Tropical Storm Beryl is making landfall tonight. Please pray for everyone in Jacksonville & the surrounding cities
Who doesn't love The Big Bang Theory? 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nightly run & an obsession

Proof that we ran tonight. Not too hot since tropical storm Beryl is off the coast of FL.

I have a new obsession making subway art. I used the ipiccy to make this adorable piece for Dodger.

Hope y'all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. 


Day 25- Unusual

Lately I've not been feeling like myself. I rarely get in this kind of mood but for the last couple of months I've felt like I've been in a rut. There's one person who I miss more and more everyday. I can't seem to get him out of my head. Every guy that I've dated since him has not stolen my heart like he did. I pray everyday that he'll come back to me but so far I'm just having to be patient. He knows how I feel and I'm trying my hardest to not overwhelm him with texts, emails or phone calls. I've backed off a lot but he still has my heart. Even after our breakup. We've barely been in contact the last 2.5 years but he still gives me butterflies every time we talk or when I see his name on my phone. I just pray that God brings us back together. I'm waiting patiently and I hope he can forgive me for the past. 

This song is exactly how I feel. I hope he feels the same way.

{Here's me without makeup. No straightened hair. The all natural me.}


Thursday, May 24, 2012


 I've been running for about 3 or 4 weeks now but just recently started using the C25K app. The last few days I've been running with a dear friend {Sarah} who just moved back from WPB. Tonight it was a gorgeous night but so hot still.

 I managed to get through the run but I'm seriously exhausted. Like completely exhausted I could fall asleep writing this blog post. 

Even Dodger feels the same way and he's been sleeping through the night?? {Praise God} I wish today was the start of my 3 day weekend but its not. 


I know exactly what I'll be doing all weekend though. For one- SLEEPING. I may even clean out my garage? Who knows.


Best Birthday Present EVER!!!

My sister and I love Carrie Underwood. We saw her in concert when she was in Jax 2 years ago and absolutely loved her. This morning I received this text message! As you can tell I'm super excited about seeing Carrie Underwood again. I couldn't believe my eyes!

Lucky for me my birthday is in December and I couldn't have asked for a better present! I seriously have the best sister.

After looking at this ticker I had no idea we are actually going to be on the FLOOR!!! I cannot wait to head to Orlando. December hurry up please! Lots of pictures will be coming. I just hope I don't get in trouble for bringing in my DSLR.


Day 23- Technology

Yesterday I thought long and hard about what I wanted my "technology" picture to be when my BFF's husband sent me this picture. How hilarious is this?!? We were in the middle of a long discussion about fifty and it seriously looks like Loryn is a little teeny bopper who just got a phone in her room. Old school meets new school. I must find one of these because I would rock this phone while shopping or eating out.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 22- PINK

Normally I don't wear lipstick but I just received this color in my "MyGlam" bag. It's Studio Gear Cosmetics and the color is "pink blush". It's such a pretty color & I think I like it.
It's definitely summer time in FL so I had the sunroof and windows opened. It was absolutely a gorgeous evening. 



Day 21- Where I stand

How lucky am I that I get to work 3 streets from Jacksonville Beach? Yes I know be jealous. The only problem with working so close is I actually HATE driving out to the beach on my off days. I haven't laid on the beach in probably 4 years. Being born and raised so close to the beach I know I take it for granted. I do sometimes sit on the boardwalk just reflecting about everything going on in my life.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 20- Something I can't live without

No lie I take my phone EVERYWHERE with me. One day I was leaving for work & I knew I had my phone in my hand but when I got in the car I placed it in my "cup holder" except it slide between the seat and the console and I literally drove all the way back home to look if I left it inside! I seriously would go stir crazy without it even for just 30 minutes. I may need an intervention.



Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19- A favorite place

My favorite place is at home with my best boy {Dodger}! One who will always wag his tail when I open the front door. WIll kiss me unexpectedly. Cuddles. Will dance with me when Jason Mraz is singing I'm Yours {no lie}. Will listen when I'm feeling down. Follows me everywhere. Protects me at all times. 


Winner winner chicken dinner?

Thursday morning I was listening to a local radio station { 99.9 Gator Country} like I do every morning. Well this morning luck was on my side because I won 2 tickets to see jason Aldean & Luke Bryan in concert here in J*ville on August 9. I'm super excited because I've never seen either of these handsome guys in concert before!!!!


This was hilarious to me! My oldest brother lives with me and he's been wanting to go to a concert lately so of course I'd take him with me. The deejay asked me if I had eaten my breakfast this morning and my response was "no not yet" but how funny is my brothers comment to!


I just died laughing at him. August hurry up and get here.


Lady A Concert

I recently saw Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square & Darius Rucker in concert. I'll just say that I loved this concert except the fact that Lady A only performed for an hour. I kind of expected them to play longer since this was their headline tour.


 I also got to meet up with another blogger while waiting to get out of the garage. Why sit in your car and waste gas when you can hang out with Lucie? I also got to meet Big Daddy! Loved seeing both of them!  

{I wish I brought my DSLR with me but I was afraid I'd get in trouble for having it and I didn't feel like walking back to my car} 


Friday, May 18, 2012


Dodger was just sitting on my stomach licking me to death. 

He makes me laugh.

So far this week it has rained everyday starting around noon and last into the evening. 

I love it when it rains. 

Especially living in Florida the days get super hot.

Can you see how much its raining in front of me but yet the sun it shining bright?

My manager and I have an addiction to scratch off tickets.

We actually won more than $2.00 off one ticket!

Do you see what we won?

How amazing is that.

At least we were able to win the money we've put into scratch offs since we started playing.



Day 17- Snack

My number 1 go to snack while at work!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Won't Give Up

A sweet girl on twitter was talking about this song this morning and with it being sung by Jason Mraz I knew I'd fall in love with it. Who knew this song would speak so much to me. I cannot stop listening to this amazing song. I seriously feel like it was written for me.



Meet my BFF

Meet my BFF {Loryn} 

 We met in middle school. 

 She's absolutely amazing.

 Wonderful BFF. 

 Always listens to me when I'm in need. 

 We consider each other part of our families. 

 I love her family! 

 She just had a birthday & we were able to have a girls night out. 

 We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner. 

 Fancy dining is not our forte for sure.

 We're addicted to froyo. 

 Then we finally watched "The Vow".

 Zac Efron {just wow}. 

 But this my friends is my BFF.

 Love her! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16- What I'm Reading


 {I know some people will be disappointed that I'm reading this but it really is a good book.} 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 13- MOM

{I forgot to take a picture with my mom on mother's day!} Who forgets that? This girl so this picture from February will have to work although I'm a brunette now.



Day 12- Something that makes you happy

I ABSOLUTELY love this family!!! Meet my BFF & her family which are like family to me too! They are my favorite!!



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day


To all the mommy's, mommy's to be, and those waiting patiently to become a mommy


We celebrated the mom's in my life with a cookout and rides on the scooter.


Also a little game of baseball.



Friday, May 11, 2012

Blind Date Gone Bad

.... ok let's put it out there. Blind dates are awful! You have no idea what the guy is going to be like. You only know how he is via phone calls and texts. 

Well this is in my situation. Dinner went good but when it was time to leave I have an uneasy feeling so I let my BFF know that I may need her to pick me up. We my date and I get in the car to leave {not knowing where we are heading because he wont tell me} I start texting my BFF the entire time. We pass this little fair that is in a shopping center parking lot & to make conversation I say oh I hate those rides I'd only get on the ferris wheel he then asks if I like taking risk. Heck no not on those rides the carney's put up in just a few hours. {yes I'm aware they have regulations to follow}He then decides that he's going to take off at the red light, weave in & out of traffic with no hands & drive upwards or 80 mph. Are you kidding me!

 If my dad, brother, or anyone else who truly cares about me knew he was doing this that guy would have a lot of explaining to do. I mean what if something happened to the car, or someone hit us, or he hit someone...etc. how would he feel? 

 I immediately told him it would be best if I had my BFF come pick me and for him to let me out at Adventure Landing. I got out of the car and already had my BFF's husband on the phone. As I went to shut the door he tells me to get back in! Ha are you crazy no way! "Oh well I'm a gentleman so I'm not leaving" ummm if you were a gentleman you wouldn't be putting my life in danger! 

 Now I keep getting texts from him saying he's a hot mess and asking me to forgive him &asking if I could grow past this . 

 Absolutely not dude! Get help! I'm swearing off dating until I find the right guy.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 9- Something you do everyday

This is happening on Friday! I will be doing this everyday! Results in 60 days... watch out world!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 8- A smell you adore



Mothers Day Surprise

Since my mom has no idea how to turn on a computer yet alone know I even have this little ole' blog I'm going to share what my brothers, sisters, niece and nephew were up to tonight! She's probably going to cry! The last time we had a family picture together was on our cruise 2 years ago. It was time for an updated picture to hang in their house! I can't wait until we give her these pictures in frames on Sunday! If you know my mom please don't ruin the surprise for her!

{I love how we're all looking at Ryne!}

{pictures taken by my dad}
Yes he was in on the surprise too. Apparently Josh needed help fixing his truck hehe.


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