Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

This morning I overslept.
Nothing like starting off a Friday morning in a hurry.
Luckily I was only late for a Health meeting at work.
Which was all about stress!
I'm loving everything about Stella & Dot!
My sweet friend Hallie is my stylist for the party I'm hosting online!
There's so many beautiful pieces I want!
Are you a Stella & Dot fan?

1 / 2 / 3

I'm loving life at the moment!
It's all about the little things.
Like seeing this status from my sister last night.

I'm loving this short work week!
Why can't every week be 4 days?
If we all did work 4 days would we still complain and only want to work 3?
I'm loving all the ladies who signed up to receive a June Hello Box!
For those of you that want to sign up you have 1 day left to do so.
For those that have already signed up make sure you come back tomorrow to see who you're paired with!
I'm loving my 3 crazy pups. Well 1 I'm not too crazy about.
He's blonde.
& ate another hole in my brothers leather couch!
Happy Friday!!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family First

Monday I ventured out to take pictures of my sister's little family.
These two have so much personality it's almost too much for me to handle.
I cannot believe that H is going to first grade next year!
I still want both of them to stay little forever.
 To think I almost moved away 6 years ago for a stupid boy who is no longer in my life.
I'm so glad I've been able to watch H grow into a sweet yet so sassy little girl!
& R, well that little boy has us all wrapped around his finger!
He gets away with so much because he's so handsome & funny!
 My sister has done an amazing job raising these two.
I love y'all so much!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Recap

Where in the heck did my 3 day weekend go?
This weekend couldn't have been more perfect!
My new favorite tank top arrived from The Printed Palette !
Live Life Anchored!
Remember the lost pit from last week?
 Well his "old" owners texted me on Friday & asked if I wanted him!
He completes my puppy loving heart!
I've always been against pits because of their bad reputation but Jimbo, well he's gentle, sweet, loving and cuddles! Not once has he shown his teeth of Duke, Dodger or Oakley. He hasn't torn anything up! We can leave him out of the crate all day long and he just lounges around until someone gets home. He even met his cousins last night Jake & Lake. I swear my family needs to open a dog park/boarding/doggy pool facility!
You have no idea how hard this picture was to take! 3 dogs bones, whistling, saying sit buddy, get back up on the top stair, sit boy, look at mommy. Yeah not having it!

 Jimbo has already made my home his home! He has yet to bark! He found me for a reason! & although 3 dogs & a cat is a bit much I wouldn't have it any other way!
Weekends with Josh usually involves the movie theater!
Before him I couldn't tell you the last movie I saw.

Fast & Furios 6 was AMAZING!

He completes me!
I finally met his dad's side of the family!
They were a hoot & had me cracking up all night long.

Monday I spent a few hours at the beach with my sister, Haley, Ryne
& about 3 million other beach goers!

Those two wore me out! I normally don't get in the water but they wanted to jump the waves so out we went! Haley hung on to my arm while I picked Ryne up each wave that hit us!

  I ended Memorial Day weekend with a 2 hour nap, a hot date with Josh
& a drumstick icecream cone!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog Rescue 911

I'm the yard all the lost dogs come to. Just this month I've found 2 pups without their collar on.
Luckily for the owners I don't want to see these dogs on the side of the road so I always take them in to see if I can locate where they live. Both times have been successful but not without a little TLC from me.
My mom goes to my house every day to let my two pups out. Well yesterday Duke & Dodger were barking like crazy on the side of my house. Little did she know there was a lost dog coward in the corner shaking.
3 hrs later my manager lets me leave early to check on this lost pup! When I got home he was still in the same corner so I knelt down and called him over to me. He was the sweetest, most gentle pit bull I've encountered. I went inside to get him food & water but when I went back outside he was half way down the street. 
I had to leave for Haley's program at church & when I got back home there he was running back down the street to me at full force. This baby needed me & I needed to take care of him.
We loaded up in the car and drove around for an hour looking for his owner. I posted a few pictures on FB & an ad on craigslist but no luck!

{meet Jimbo aka Roscoe & Baby}
My last resort in finding his owner was to check the next morning to see if he was microchipped!
Luckily for me he was! I called the owner who sounded like a young girl to let her know I found her dog! She didn't seem too excited. He lives about 10 miles from me so my only guess is someone stole him and dropped him off in my neighborhood. Or maybe the owner forgot he was chipped and did it herself. Who knows but when she comes to pick him up tonight I'm going to observe his mannerisms towards her & if he seems scared I'm going to ask her if she even wants him.
Because even though having 3 pups at home is way too much I don't want to know a dog is being abused & I let him go back to that house.

Duke, Dodger & Jimbo got along so great last night. All 3 slept in my bed & at one point last night I woke up with Jimbo's head laying on the small of my back!
I think he needs me!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

June Hello Box Sign Ups

If you are just tuning in, Hello Box is a new monthly program where we pair you with a blogger and
you get to know a new friend in blogland.
I have met some amazing new friends through the Hello Box link up.

Join Lauren and I if you'd like!


Get to know the person behind the blog/shop
Email, Text, GChat, etc your new friend.
Send them encouragement during the month,
comment on their blog.
Talk to them and see how you can help each other. Even if it’s simply asking
"how is your day is going?"
Send a small gift, no more than $10 to brighten their day, sometime during the month.


Friend them on Facebook.

Collaborate on a project (linky, blog post…)

Sponsor their blog or shop!

Blogger date if you are close by.

Please don't sign up then not do what is mandatory.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bahamas Part 2

Tuesday we arrived in Nassua, Bahamas for an entire day of laying on the white sands, wading in the blue water, walking around town, being asked if we wanted to smoke weed, eating at McDonalds & lots of drinking.

Josh & I actually didn't even get in the water and now I'm mad at myself for that.
It was a gorgeous day.
We even watched another cruise ship come into port from the beach.

That's the guy who asked us if we wanted to smoke.
Gorgeous conch shells & starfish on the dock.
Horse & buggy rides?
Hot liquor in a jewelry store? No thanks!
 Funny story about this guy!
The entire time we were on this beach he stood with his legs spread apart and arms crossed.
So what more to do than to take funny pictures like this!
{he had no idea we were taking these}

 Just a few of the friends we went with.
My most favorite guy ever!
Every day with him is paradise. Going on a cruise is just added fun!

 We walked to this beach which is the same beach my family went to our on last cruise.
 Another Senor Frog's?
This time no dancing on the bars!
I had no idea that swing said "swinger's club" until I uploaded these pictures!
I about died until J pointed out it was because we were sitting on a swing. hehe
Can I please have an oversized adirondack chair?

I was always so excited to get back to the room after dinner to see what towel pet our attendant made!
Also because 3 of the 4 nights J had something sent to the room with a sweet note.
The first day was the chocolate covered strawberries, night 2 was a plate of chocolate chip cookies and the last night he had a 6 inch cake waiting for me at dinner.
Besides he finally told me he loved me on the last night!
I'm ready for another getaway!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

App- Beautiful Mess

Apparently when I left on my cruise & was without social media for 4 days I missed out on the launch of this new amazing app!
If you don't have "a beautiful mess" app yet go download it now!
Its the best .99 I spent in a long time!
 I have no complaints!
The best part about it is two bloggers made this app!
Why didn't I think of this?
Use your own photos with their backgrounds then you can add different layers such as a border, doodles, phrases or text! then save it to upload to your camera roll or social media!
I'm so glad I found this app!
Have fun playing around with it!

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Bahamas: Part 1

Over the next few days I'm going to recap our cruise to The Bahamas.
We left last Sunday for 4 nights in paradise.
Those 4 days flew by!
I loved every minute I was with my main squeeze & spending time with his friends from Texas.
I don't have many pictures from the first day which consisted of waking up early to head to the boat from Daytona Beach. When we made it to our room I was so excited to drop my carry on bags and head to the top of the ship when Josh excitedly said "oh babe hey look whats this".... he ordered a chocolate covered platter of strawberries, macaroons and a sweet note!
He even started the note off with "Life Is Sweet"
which makes perfect sense since every day with him has been sweet!
I won't mention that once we were out to sea we hit the casino and won $500 on the Wheel Of Fortune slot machine and lost that by the end of the cruise!
The second day we woke up in Freeport, Bahama
& with the photographer I am I wanted a picture in front of this sign.
Notice the 4 people standing in next to us. They saw us walk over to this sign and insisted on walking right in front of us to stand like the hated the world & the lady with her head on her knees... she must've had a really bad hangover or was sea sick. Who knows but this picture cracks me up!
We took a tour to the Bahamian Brewery which also had a few stops in between.
Back in 2004, Freeport was hit bad by two hurricanes and the "place to be" which was the International Bazaar only had a few shops still opened.
We also stopped at the Perfume Factory which was a cute little pink house and took a tour to see how they make it.
Then we finally made it to the Brewery. I'll just say it was so hot in there & during the summer months its even hotter.
I'm not a huge beer fan but I was there to support Josh! He enjoys this kind of thing.

  We sampled 6 different Bahamian beers and then was handed a bigger cup to continue drinking until we got back to the ship.
{this is the group we went with}
We had a blast together!
Yes it was only 12:09 when we left the brewery!
Who cares we were on vacation!
We stopped at a must have shack to try the conch salad and conch fritters.
Apparently the conch fritters were delicious but I wouldn't know. Josh put an entire fritter straight from the fryer into his mouth and needed a drink STAT! So while I was buying $7 cokes he finished off the fritters.
If you've ever see to Senor Frog's you'll know that thy make you get on the bar to dance & take shots.
All the guys in the group jumped on the bar & had a dance competition. Funniest thing I saw the entire time.
Josh refuses to dance but for some reason being in another country brings the best out in him! We have video and I hope to post that video one day!

We ended our first night with the Captain's Dinner but we changed out of our dress up clothes before watching the sunset!
Being with Josh has been amazing & to be able to experience paradise together was just perfect.
I can't wait until we plan our next getaway!

 Part 2: Nassua, Bahamas

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