Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - a day late

Merry Christmas from these sweet faces to yours!

I love capturing memories when you're not looking.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet Dodger & Oakley

Meet Oakley! He's our 17 week old DSH {Domestic Short Haired} kitten that I completely fell in love with when I first saw him and I'm normally not a cat person. He loves to cuddle, hug, wait for me at the door, play & is always happy.

Meet Dodger! He's our 12 week old {lab/blue healer mix} puppy that has also stolen a piece of my heart. He loves Oakley, playing, chasing after me, leaves, running through my bushes, going under my back deck, sleeping at my head & waking me up around 5 every morning.

{ignore the pink toy- my mom thought Oakley was a girl but Dodger wanted to have his Christmas picture taken with it!}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Watters- Wedding

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Watters! I was able to capture this amazing couple's big day this past weekend. I just met this couple a few months ago when A was hosting a girls night out at her house. From the day I met Jamie I was super excited about her upcoming wedding. When her original photographer fell threw she put all her trust in me to capture her big day. I couldn't have been more blessed to have such a sweet bride. I love everything about shooting weddings and I hope to book more in the future. Jamie and Luke we're made for each other. The moment you meet them you'll see that for yourself. The wedding took place at Hanna Park & was absolutely beautiful! Congrats to you both!

Friday, April 15, 2011

comparison pictures

I took a few pictures from before {2-3 weeks in} to now to show my results. I'm so excited with how i look and feel now. I just picked up my dress for the wedding and still have a few inches/pounds to lose before i can get it zipped. I will say when I tried on the dress which was a size bigger it barely zipped! Now this dress doesn't zip all the way but at least i can get it over my hips!

{iphone=not good quality but you can still see the results}

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey y'all! It's been a while since the last time I blogged about my weight loss. Since my last weigh in about 3 weeks ago {I think} I lost another 7 pounds. It's taking this time much longer for the weight to come off but I'm definitely losing inches. I thought I plateaued when I hit 160 because I was there for about a week until i stepped on the scale on Thursday and saw I now weigh 155!!!!
I'm wearing jeans I haven't been able to wear in almost a year and now they are almost too big on me. My goal weight is 130 so only another 25 pounds to go.

{horrible oPhone picture but it works}

For those wanting to follow up weight loss journey you can read about it all here.

It all started because my bestfriend of 25 years is getting married in June and I knew I had to do something to get back in good health and shape. Since going to the gym every night I have met the most awesome guy ever! Seriously he's not like anyone I've ever dated before. I actually went to high school with him until he graduated and we've been friends on facebook but I've never talked to him before. Strange! But the week before we started talking was his 27th birthday and I just happened to see him at the gym on a Monday and told him happy birthday. Since & head out to the beach. That weekend was amazing! He brought me flowers *swoon*, opened my car door *aghhh* & just had great conversations! Not only do I have A working out with me but now I have C and his bestfriend D! Lots of motivation for me which I love.

I've been super busy lately with my photog business as well! I need to post a few pictures from those sessions. I have a wedding I'm shooting at the beach on April 23. I'm so thankful that my bride trust me with shooting her special day! Am I nervous? Yes but it's going to be beautiful & lots of my friends will be attending the wedding. The weather here is gorgeous. Hoping for no rain in the forecast!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

-16 pounds!!!!

I'm so excited to say that I've lost 16 pounds in 1 month! holy smokes! I seriously didn't think I could do it. But with the help of AdvoCare and the encouragement from family and friends I'm well on my way to getting to my goal weight! I was the heaviest I've ever been in my life weighing 178 and when I stepped on that scale today at the gym i couldn't believe it read 162!!!!!!! I can't believe I just put my weight on my blog. oh well this is life and this is my blog! I shouldn't be ashamed since i'm trying to encourage those who read my blog that losing weight doesn't have to be a battle.

I started taking LeptiLean and MNS Max by AdvoCare a month ago. Yes those products work. Yes i'm a true testimony that they do work. Yes I work my butt off in the gym but I dont eat as much when taking those products.

My personal trainer & ex boyfriend advised me to get on the treadmill, bump up the incline to 15 and walk as fast as I can to where I can hold a conversation but have to catch my breath. Well I havent made it up to 15 yet but I do start out at 7 incline and every 2-3 minutes I bump the incline up .5 I stay on the treadmill anywhere from 20-30 minutes for the frist week then increase my time after that! I also walk 3.5 mph sometimes increasing to 3.6-3.7 Y'all i see results. And I wish I have a picture of me from start to finish. Maybe i'll take apicture soon and start documenting from there.

My gym partner/neighbor/best friend Amber has been going with me every night. She's such an encouragement to me. We're on our way to being skinny again like we were in high school! ha!!!

If you'd like more information about AdvoCare please vist the link!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 pounds!!!

This morning I was eager to wake up to weigh myself! The last time iI weighed in was Monday at the gym but I know it wasn't accurate since it was at night. But anyways I'm so excited to say I've lost 5 pounds since being on AdvoCare products. I've talked about Leptilean here before but I also started on MNS MAX3. It's a 14 day supply & this is how it can help you!

Provides a comprehensive system for weight loss and weight-management*
Supports advanced core nutrition and wellness*
Provides sustained-release energy*
Includes 65 percent of the daily recommendation of calcium
Offers excellent nutritional support for bones and connective tissue*
Contains a full gram of omega-3 fatty acids in each serving
Supports the digestive and intestinal systems*
Encourages great skin tone and elasticity*
Helps support visual acuity and performance of sustained visual tasks*
Provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and other nutrients for comprehensive health and wellness*

I have nothing but good things to say about Advocare and for anyone looking to be healthy should look into these products. Advocare is a nutritional company, not weight loss or diet - but with good nutrition, your body responds accordingly and MANY people do lose weight.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Amazing Products

Today was my first day of being on Advocare products. I took Leptilean this morning when I got to work to curve my morning hunger and then another one right before lunch so I wouldn't indulge when I came home on break. Immediately I could feel a difference. I had more energy to get through the day & I didn't feel hungry at all! I was really surprised because I've taken all kinds of different weight lose pills and never once have I felt a difference so fast than I did with Leptilean.

Let me fast forward to tonight. I went to the mall with J and her two little ones to eat dinner {Subway} and to Build A Bear for H. So i didn't get home until after 8 and I thought the gym was opened until midnight. Well I ended up taking a shot of Slam which is kind of like a 5 hour energy drink before knowing the gym was closed. Well a co-worker and I both had all this energy to burn off so we clocked the miles from her house to mine and it was 2.1 miles. So we decided to run/walk at 9:30. It took us 38 minutes to make it back to her house but we still did it! I know i'll be hurting tomorrow but its so worth it!

If you're interested in Advocare please email me so I can tell you more about it. I'm so excited about these products because they are life changing. I can't wait to see results within the next few days/weeks/months!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tonight was my first time back in the gym in almost 2 years! Yes I said two, TWO, 2 years! how insane is that. I've tried working out as in walking around my neighborhood a few times & I even received a bike for Christmas back in 2009. The bike has only been used a handful of times. It's definitely been neglected. But tonight I feel great. I know I'll be sore in the morning but it'll all be worth it! I want to be real on this blog. I want to show y'all that life is hard. I feel like all I do is blog about Haley & Ryne. But this year that all is going to change. Just like I'm recreating Me! So here's a picture of me AFTER the gym. AFTER all my makeup was gone from sweating.

Here's to a new me!

Starting today...

...I'm watching everything that I eat, working out and on my way to being skinny again! A friend, Brittney, told me about Advocare a few months ago and I just hoped on board with her. I just ordered Liptilean which helps boost your metabolism, curve your appetite and helps promote a feeling of fullness. I'm so excited to get this product in my hands and see my results. I also just became a distributor for Advocare and in doing so I'm receiving $50 worth of Spark. Spark is Advocare's energy drink which also helps with sharpening your mental focus. Everyone knows that sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen can get tiring! Drinking a Spark every day will help me do a better job in my office. It will also give me that energy to work out after a long day. So I'm getting a gym membership at Planet Fitness. Do you have one near where you live? Well if you do then you should check them out. My PF offers tanning, massage chairs and you can bring unlimited guests with you so you don't have to work out alone. I'm super excited to start building a better me. If you're interested in Advocare please click on the lnk and read more about it. If you have questions please don't hestitate to contact me at

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweet little valentine helped me cook dinner tonight. Well, technically he sat in his highchair, ate goldfish, and watched my cook. How cute is he? Ryne lost all his paci's in my house Saturday so he was without them for almost a full day! When we finally found one they all started to appear! Hince the reason he has 4 right near him.

Haley gave me a sweet little valentine card with a Disney princess on it and when she gave it to me she said "close your eyes and i'll tell you when to open them. Happy Valentine's Day Enna!!!" Each time she gave someone a valentine she would say the same thing! It was the cutest!

I hope everyone had a LOVING Valentine's Day!

**pictures taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app.**

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Danny & Katie

Back in November I made a FBook fan page for my photography. I also held a lttle contest for the 100th fan to "like" my page. A friend of mine and her husband were the 100th fan and just booked the session with me this last week. We had a great time walking around San Marco and down the train tracks. Soon after we were on the tracks a train started coming our way. Little did we know the conductor called the station stating "someone was laying on the tracks" and the police came! It's comical now because if someone was laying on the tracks they would no longer be alive since the train already passed before the cops arrived. I love how these pictures turned out!

D&K- it was so great to see y'all again! Hope you enjoy your pictures!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

what I've been up to...

I've been sick for the last week! I'm sick and tired of being sick! I missed out on half a day on Monday and all day Tuesday at work. It was nice to get away but I have been in a funk since I've been back. The week has even gone by so slow! & now that my phone can no longer be sitting on my desk I feel like I don't even know who my "Internet" IRL friends are! I've spent WAY too much money at the dr and I'm on 5 different medicines! I just can't wait to be 100% better!

I'm excited to host my cousins birthday party at my house this weekend! My new deck is being put to good use! My aunt even hired me to take pictures at the party!I've booked a newborn shoot sometime in February when the baby decides to make a grand entrance and a wedding in April! The last few months I've even taken pictures of a local high school girls soccer team who are now the district state champions! How exciting!!!

I still have yet to post pictures on my blog from our family Disney trip back in November {it was november right} and our cruise that we took in January! Which I was sick on as well! I really should blog more often! But since I can't afford Internet, I can only blog from my iPhone which is a pain in the rear! I'm actually surprised I had this much to write! Well not really there's so much more to write I just can't right now! Or ever! Oh well! Maybe I'll be back soon to blog my cruise and Disney trip! Maybe not!

Jenna K.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grants Sneak Peek

I had the honor of taking Grant's 6 months pictures this weekend. He's such a chunky little boy. Every time I see him I just want to eat those cheeks. You'll see why! I can't believe Grant is already 6 months old. I met him when he was only 2 months. Not too much longer before I'll be taking his 1 year old pictures. Time just really needs to slow down.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Date night & More

Last night I had the privilege of taking my favorite 4 year old on a date. We ended up at Build A Bear and Chic Fil A for ice-cream. Seeing the joy on Haley's face makes my heart skip a beat. She told me she had the best day.

See earlier in the day her mommy {my sister} took her to the big library to pick out books. Usually when she goes to her schools library she can only pick out the books that are on the cart. Haley came home with more than 5 books. She loved being able to walk through the library and pick out which books she wanted! She even reminded me that Brother {Ryne} has to stay with someone because you have to be quite and he doesn't understand that yet.

I love walking in the house after being at work all day. I'm greeted by two very excited kids who I adore. I hear a sweet voice say "hellllllooooo" and when Haley saw it was me she runs to give me a hug and ask if I'm done working for the day. Now Ryne has caught on to what Haley does and he runs over to hug my leg! Talk about melting my heart! I have never loved like I love Haley & Ryne.
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