Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursdays Randoms

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when this conversation took place. But I officailly felt like the worst girlfriend ever! Sad thing is I really thought he is turning 33! Thank God we talked about this because if not I know I would've screwed up royally come next Wednesday!
Speaking of next Wednesday 3/6 it'll be 6 months since we started dating.
Random fact about us:
my birthday is 12/6
his birthday is 3/6
we started dating 10/6
thats 6 months or 5 months?
goodness I'm such a bad girlfriend but when the relationship is fun and you're crazy about the one you're with do the months even matter?

How precious is this! I mean really? Of course we can keep him! How do you think I became a mother to Oakley and Dodger!!! My little heart needed to be filled with their love!

Next week I have a huge giveaway I'm putting together!
1 lucky winner will win the entire loot!
Now before I actually become the world's worst girlfriend I need some ideas to get Josh! I had something in mind but he won't tell me what exactly he wants and he's kind of picky. He reviews everything before he buys it! Talk about a hard person to buy for. Any ideas are welcomed though!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!
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Cara Box Exchange

Cara Box

This was my first time I participated in the Cara Box exchange. The theme this month was #ClubSexy. It was more exciting to receive this box compared to Birchbox or Ispy. I got to know Hallie from Life: Oceanside better. She's just like me with my fur babies. I can definitely see us being bestfriends if we lived in the same city. The state we have going for us though so thats a start!

She sent me this amazing box full of all the things I can use for #ClubSexy! Nail polish, body wash, popcorn, movie theater candy, loofah & WINE! Does she not know me or what??? Besides the letter she wrote was so sweet!
Thanks Hallie for my amazing box of goodies! I hope to meet you soon in person!
I can't wait to meet other bloggers via Kaitlyn at Wifessionals link up for Cara Box!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving...

Last night I HATED everyone! Why? Because I just wanted to relax on my couch and cuddle with Dodger. I feel like my life has been on the go since I came home from vacation. I honestly haven't even unpacked my suitcase. That should tell you how busy I've been. The last thing I wanted to do was lace up my tennis shoes and workout.
But I did & wouldn't you know it was the gyms Grand Opening so it was packed with people working out. I decided it was time to sign up and quit using my free 7 day pass. I mean if I really want to lose the weight then a membership was going to happen.
I scored 4 free games of bowling {free date night}
a shot of energy drink which R {pictured below} ordered for Katie & I
a smoothis bar gift pack filled with protein snacks and a free smoothie.
Katie won a "work out" gift basket filled with water bottles and towels
plus Kim won a bottle of San Sebastian wine.
Hello Ladies Night In
After working our tushes off we were starving! We stopped at tropical smoothie for a kale & spinach yumminess and this is how I ordered. The girl who took my order obvi didn't have a sense of humor. {get over yourself}

We stopped at Target on the way home and I scored this *too cute for words* planner! Best part it was only $2.98!
Then THIS happened!
Make my heart melt.

I don't care who knows this but I have the best guy ever!
He makes me laugh, gives my butterflies, takes care of me, holds my hand, kisses so softly & is the best friend I've been looking for.
What are you loving these days?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm just going to go ahead & say that I have the best Insta followers ever! I posted last night that I was not motivated at all to get back into the gym and within seconds I had comments of motivation. if you ever ever need motivation post it on a social network and you'll get the motivation you need.

I've been out of the gym for 2 weeks now {vegas then I was on my death bed if you can remember} and I just wasn't feeling it tonight. But I did 30 minutes of cardio and sweated my butt off. Or I should say my makeup off because truthfully I go in with my face on.

But 30 minutes of cardio is better than sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor, drinking wine like most of you ladies. I'm not knocking you down just wish I was the one on the couch. GRIN! Oh & I lapped you :) BOOM.

Here's to you and my workout for tonight! CHEERS!



Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Oh hey girl hey! What'd you do with your time this weekend? Me well I spent a lot of time with my family. First up was the Monster Jam then we had a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. Oh wait I forgot she didn't want anyone to know she turned 50 so we'll just call it her 30th birthday.

What you don't put fake tattoos on you arm to win "Best Aunt of the Year" award? Well I do and if you haven't won that award yet then maybe you should get yourself a sticker tattoo.

This boy was in Heaven all night! Especially with those tire earmuffs! & look how sweet my sister is looking at her boy. Love it!

BOOM! Coolest nephew ever! & yes my nephew is cooler than yours no doubt! Go El Toro Loco!
oh look at that truck flipped over! Werrps!

top left to bottom right:
Dodger has been missing me like crazy that when I'm home he sits right on my lap!
meet my dad. Don't think he's ever made it on the blog before
Ryne needed a better view of the monster trucks in the next parking lot over {i'm 5,0 don't think I helped much!}
Miss Sass! Legs crossed like a princess!
{H: I'm relaxable}

What else do you do when it's lightning at a stadium? You push for cover wearing too small of ponchos of course!

Sorry Jamie for having you daughter take after me! I promise she'll turn out a little better than I did! GRIN
No but seriously is she not my mini me or what?
She has that duck face down to a T.
Oh & yes we're bad to the bone! Don't mess with us!

"Enna can you hear me"
oh sweet boy thats not how earmuffs work.
Haley & Ryne were so excited to get into the stadium. This is what we heard for about an hour.
R: I hear it!
H: Is it time to go in yet? {100x}
me: Haley come take a picture with me. H: Enna I'll take a picture of you but not with you. You squeeze me too tight.
R: oh their bringing more dirt in to make mountains to jump over!!!!
Tomorrow I'll recap my mom's surprise party!
I danced my booty off last night and now my entire body aches. {I didn't know that was possible}
Tonight I'm also getting back to the gym since being away for 2 weeks!
Congrats to Myranda for winning the $15 Target Gift Card Giveaway!
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Start Your Engines!


This post contains lots of adorable pictures of Haley & Ryne.

The Monster Trucks are in town & we have tickets to the show!

These two love the big trucks.

What can I say he's all boy. He does what he wants.

All is ok. Haley bumped her head and was trying so hard NOT to cry. She's our little drama queen.

Seriously? Words just cant describe these last few pictures.

Look at that sass!

This little boy.... he's going to be such a heartbreaker.

Happy Saturday!


Weekly What?


Welcome to the Weekly What?
A link-up hosted by AllieJenn and Ricci.
The basic idea is to recap all your posts from the previous week.
That way, those of us who play catch up on the weekends 
can find all your stuff in one place!
Monday: I recapped my weekend because thats what every other blogger does on Monday mornings.
Tuesday: I lived my Vegas trip again. I honestly want to go back right now!
Wednesday: Allie, myself and her sponsors are giving away $175! Don't forget to enter your little heart away! I'm also giving away a $15 gift card to Target.
Thursday: I took a sick day off work and away from my blog. I slept until 1:30 and had no plans of doing anything all day long!
Friday:  I wrote about the Pits & Peaks of the week for me.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pit & Peak Vol. 7


We made it to Friday! Who would've thought I'd still be kicking & screaming?

Feeling like I've been on my death bed all week.
Not being able to breath.
Sneezing every .01 seconds.

J taking care of me!
Looking forward to my mom's surprise 50th birthday party on Sunday.
Did I mention it's 70's themed? BOOM!
Having Dodger cuddle with me wishing I felt better.
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Don't forget to link up with Allie & Brin this week.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick day {$15 Target Gift Card}

After taking care of Josh when we came back from vacation I finally got sick.
I've been living off DayQuil, oyster crackers, soup & a homemade cough syrup concoction.
The one bad thing about coming home from vacation is being in an airplane filled with germs. These tissues have been my BFF all week.
All I want is another day off to just sleep the sickies off.
Brandy? Heck yes! One cap full of this and your good to go.
J did take me to get ice cream which made me freeze my tush off. But so soothing to my throat.
Here's to hoping this sickness leaves my house stat!

I'm giving away a $15 Target gift card


Happy Wednesday!

$175 cash giveaway

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