Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July In Review

Where does time go?
Did we not just start summer?
now we're heading into August.
I remember the summer being so much longer when I was in school still almost 10 years ago.
Either summer is getting shorter or life is flying by.

July has been crazy.
 I feel like August is going to be that much more crazy.

I hosted a Pampered Chef Party online
 if you'd like to place an order I believe the party is still open!

I also told y'all the Must Have Items I possibly cannot live without!

Spent a lot of time with my family. If you've been around here for a while you'll know just how close my family is.

I hosted a Trades of Hope party that helps women get out of poverty. If you'd like to host a party please let me know so I can get in touch with Karrie.

I opened my heart up & wrote a post for all you single ladies rushing into relationships with the wrong guys. Quit looking for love, love WILL find you!

The Hello Box sign up is still open if you're interested in meeting new bloggers!
If you signed up for the Favorite Things Swap in July please link up here!
July was amazing!
There's so many other posts that I loved like celebrating
The different between Google Reader {RIP} & GFC {Google Friend Connect} 
Don't forget about my HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow! I've been waiting for August 1 to get here because I can hardly stand the excitement.
Happy HUMP Day!
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some things I'll never understand {GIF style}

Do you ever sit and think about things?
Or in my case how I can drop my phone a million times & never break the screen!
Yet everyone else breaks it the first time they drop it.
All I can do is this!

 But seriously most everyone has a phone number right?
There's 10 digits to use but how many different numbers can you get out of just 10 digits?

Or when you think you know someone but it's really not them.
Oh Hiiiii... errrr just kidding I guess.

Or when you're sitting at home and you hear a noise!
Talk about total freak out, heavy breathing and sweaty palms.
Night just ruined because you're watching your back the entire time!

Or when you tell a joke & no one laughs!

Anyone else feel like this?

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend!
Sami's Shenanigans
My sister is just the sweetest! She IGed these two babies with words from them!
Seriously this put tears in my eyes!
  Friday evening Jamie & I went to Home Depot to pick out new paint colors for my house. I painted an accent wall 3 years ago a little too dark and I finally got tired of my house looking dreary.
We ended up with a gray called Anonymous for my chevron wall which is yet to be painted but hopefully this weekend we'll get around to it & celery for that dark wall!
As we got in the car to leave I put my seat belt on and looked at my sister because some guy was leaning down to get out attention. Talk about totally freaked us out he wanted us to sign a petition to "medically legalize marijuana" to be placed on the ballot. Ummmm what? No thanks. & next time don't approach two girls like that again.
 Saturday after I worked my 5 hr shift I came home and started working on that wall. Thankfully my brother's girlfriend loves to paint and practically did it for me while Dodger & I supervised! :)

I'm so in love with my living room again! It's much brighter and I need to bring down this gorgeous wine rack my parents have been storing for me that match my coffee table!
Granted this picture is super dark because a storm was about to hit my house but it's much better than the dark teal!
What do you think?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.
I have a huge announcement to make on Thursday! eeeekkk!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day!

Today I want to wish every Aunt & Uncle out there a very Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day!
We are truly blessed to be called Aunt or Uncle.
My sister gave me my first & all time favorite niece 6 years & 8 months ago. Where has the time gone? I love that Haley has a lot of my traits, my sassiness & is such a sweet little girl. I love that she calls me Enna! I can't wait to watch her grow up to be a Godly lady.

Then I was blessed with my first little slugger of a nephew 2 years & 7 months ago. Boy is he going to be a little heartbreaker! He loves all things outdoors but his favorite is playing baseball. He's gentle, handsome & full of energy. I don't think he ever slows down!

To my sweet sister, thank you oh so much for blessing me with Haley & Ryne. I couldn't imagine a life without them in it. They have made our family whole & I can't wait for one day long in the future to make you an aunt! You have plenty of diapers to change, tears to dry, mouths to feed & more love than you can imagine coming your way! 

Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day to all!

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happies & crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
It's been a while since I last rounded my week out with happies & crappies.
But we all know who really had the best week ever!
William & Kate & sweet baby George Alexander Loius!
Are they not precious!
I got goose bumps when they walked out of those double doors to show him off to the world.
Kate is absolutely stunning & has given every new mommy the go ahead and show off the post partum belly.
But as for my happies:
  • going to bed super early this week 3 days in a row!
  • having good hair days 3 days in a row!
  • Josh ordered blackberry syrup that you can add to sweet tea! Chili's has it and it's so delicious
  • I have huge plans this weekend to makeover my foyer & living room which include a chevron wall! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.
& the crappies:
  • losing my iPhone 5 lightening charger I use at my house then forgetting my "work" charger at home causing my phone to die way too early in the day!
  • Dodger running after my parents cats when we visit then he gets in trouble
  • work. work. work.
Happy Friday!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

GFC-IG-Hello Box

Instagram failed me for the first time last night. I'm not sure if this has been happening the entire time or if this is a new update. But if you're not following the person who's account you were tagged in my a friend you are following you will receive this message. The only way to see this is if you figure out who's account you aren't following & request to follow.
Next we have GFC. Which is completely different from Google Reader. I think a lot of people were confused & jumped on the Bloglovin' bandwagon in hopes to not lose any of the bloggers you follow and you certainly didn't want to have anyone lose you!
In other news don't forget to sign up for the August Hello Box

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

August Hello Box Sign Ups

Can you believe that summer is almost already over?
Where has this year gone?

It's time to sign up for the Hello Box for August!
Are you ready to meet other bloggers?
Lauren came up with this a few months ago and with her upcoming nuptials she has asked me to take over for a few months!

If you are just tuning in, Hello Box is a new monthly program where we pair you with a blogger and
you get to know a new friend in blogland.
I have met some amazing new friends through the Hello Box link up.

Get to know the person behind the blog/shop
Email, Text, GChat, etc your new friend.
Send them encouragement during the month,
comment on their blog.
Talk to them and see how you can help each other. Even if it’s simply asking
"how is your day is going?"
Send a small gift, no more than $10 to brighten their day, sometime during the month.


Friend them on Facebook.

Collaborate on a project (linky, blog post…)

Sponsor their blog or shop!

Blogger date if you are close by.

Please don't sign up then not do what is mandatory.

Sign Up Here!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Suns All Star Game 2013

One things for sure my family loves baseball!
We can't wait to watch Ryne play ball this fall.
We're so excited for many many many more ball games in our future with our little slugger.
It helps that my boyfriend loves going to ball games too!
Besides who doesn't love a little homerun derby during the All Star game?

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Favorite Things Swap {link up}

Last month Lauren & I introduced the new Hello Box for the summer. Those who left their emails were paired up to receive a few of their partners Favorite Things they cannot live without during the summer!
Today I'm asking for each of you who participated during July's swap to link up with what you received!

Sign ups for August will start Wednesday!
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Weekend Happenings


Today I woke up with a migraine, popped 6 Excedrin's {don't judge I needed to function today} & now I have a pile of contracts to file that I've been putting off for months!
This weekend consisted of a lot of relaxing. Mostly because I needed it & I was without a car.
I did start the weekend off by having amazing hair, my favorite KLR shirt being delivered 2 days after I ordered it & wine with amazing friends. If you're following me on IG you know that Becka makes me feel beautiful! I fell deeply in love with her boutique, she has amazing customer service & super fast delivery!

Josh surprised me with this Vino2Go recently! He definitely knows his way to my heart for sure!
We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips & dip with friends & watched 42!
Then Saturday after I enjoyed a full day of lounging while he was at work we decided to grab dinner at Chili's & watched a few shows at home.

Sunday we didn't get out of bed until 4! Talk about a relaxing weekend. I think all this down time made me wake up with a migraine this morning hence me popping all those pills! I'm feeling great now just don't send me for a drug test! :)
Happy Monday!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

For all you single ladies

You know what drives me bat crazy!
When young ladies believe that if their not married by 21 they'll never find anyone.
Thats not true.
& for all the southern ladies who HAVE/WANT to be married fresh out of high school I have a few tips for you!
1. live your life.
2. make something of yourself.
3. don't settle for a life that makes you miserable
4. travel
5. keep your heart open
I always thought I'd be married RIGHT out of high school.
I thought I'd have at least 3 babies by the time I was 25
I wanted a husband so bad but didn't want to settle when I was absolutely miserable.
I had a high school on again off again sweetheart who treated me amazing but there were days I didn't want anything to do with him. I'm not exactly sure why either. He was funny, sweet, I loved his family but it just wasn't right.
Then I met a few guys who were just all kinds of wrong! Why I chose these guys I have no clue but they have taugh me what to look for in a guy. & what I don't want in a relationship.
I met a guy while I was working at the airport who lived out of state and I just knew he was the one.
But yet he was so controlling. He asked me daily why I wore a tank top to work when I work with guys. Granted I'm not one to show off the boobs, only my arms were bare. I live in Florida & its hot. Too hot to wear a tshirt so why not wear a tank! I was questioned about going out with friends. Why my hair was a certain way. blah blah blah. Seriously if you're questioning someone about that much then why are you together? Do you not trust me? I couldn't deal with it. My family knew I was misrable. They could hear it in my voice when we talked on the phone. They could see it all over my face.
Then I met J! I know it's only been 9 months. But these last 9 months have been nothing but amazing. He's everything I've been looking for. When you find the right person you just know. & thats how I feel about him. This relationship is completely different than any other relationship I've ever been in. He makes me laugh daily! He's sensitive. Easy to talk to. Loves me for me. Has a huge heart. Will stop what he's doing to help me. Has an amazing family. He's geniune. Loyal. Respects me. Trusthworthy. He wants the best for me. He makes my world go round. & I can't wait to see what the next 9 months will hold.
So ladies. If you're looking for Mr. Right and the relationships that you're in now make you absolutely miserable please don't settle. Wait for the one. It's oh so worth it! Even if it takes so much longer than you planned to find the one. God has your future planned. Don't rush it.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

May Notes {Giveaway}

disclaimer: I was given MayNotes as a gift to review. No other compensation was provided. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced by anything but my love for this product
Remember a few months ago when I did a review for May Designs?
Maybe this post or this one will help you remember.
 Well they're having a HUGE sale right now on their MayNotes!
50% off all MayNotes at that!
& because I love May Designs for their beautiful note cards & planners I wanted to have a giveaway.

Their allowing me to host a giveaway for not one but two sets of MayNotes!
{valued at $36}
There's only one winner.
Enter fast because this giveaway is only going to last a few days so you can get the May Notes ordered before the sale is over!

Here's how the giveaway will work!

1.Follow @MayDesigns via Twitter
2. Follow @Jennadk via Twitter
3. Follow Life Is Sweet via Bloglovin'
4. Tweet " I can't wait to get my hands on these adorable MayNotes @jennadk is giving away! "
5. Instagram the image above using #maybooks & tagging @jennadk

Simple enough right?
This giveaway will end on Sunday July 21 at midnight!

disclaimer: I was given MayNotes as a gift to review. No other compensation was provided. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced by anything but my love for this product

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Finish the Sentence {linkup}

So today I thought it would be fun to do this linkup!
Who doesn't love finishing a sentence for someone else?
Excuse me for a moment....
If I had one extra hour in the day... I'd sleep every second of that hour! This girl needs more hours in the day for sleep anyways!
I wish my name... I couldn't change my name. My niece couldn't say Jenna when she was learning to talk so I've been Enna for the last 6.5 years. I'm also named after my late Grandfather. Although people say my middle name wrong all.the.time! {Daneece}
I think anything chevron is...a fun new shirt from KLR!
My last nightmare...I dreamt I was being kidnapped! Someone broke into J's house and had a gun held to my head to get me out of the house. I woke up in a panic and couldn't fall back to sleep.
Sometimes... I wish life was simple.
My last meal on earth would be... Brisket & mac & cheese from 4Rivers, Cracker Barrel biscuit with blackberry jam, Red Velvet pancakes from IHOP, crispy french fries & a drumstick icecream cone.
I would much rather... work from home so I can stay in my pajamas all day. only good on a BLT and a tuna fish sandwich.
10 years ago, I didn't think... I'd be where I am today. I'm in an amazing relationship, have my own house, my car is paid for & now I just need to get out of debt!
Selfishly... I want to be with J every moment of every day!
My favorite show on TV right now... Jimmy Fallon.
And, George Zimmerman... Stand your ground! There wasn't enough evidence to rule the case as second degree murder. & for all you who want to keep getting mad about the verdict...well I don't see your law degree!
Do I believe its ok to just shoot someone for no reason? absolutely not.
But if you're getting your butt handed to you & there's nothing you can do & you have a CWL then yes I believe every right of STAND YOUR GROUND!

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