Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello Friends

Well look at that.
 I'm back.
 Maybe for a day, maybe a week or even just maybe a good long time.
 Lots have happened since I quit blogging almost 1.5 years ago.
I started my own boutique but couldn't keep up with it since I worked a normal 8-5 job plus keeping my social life, well somewhat social.
My amazing boyfriend moved in last July.
We've gone on quite a few trips.
Florida Keys
New York
We just lost his dad on 07/16/15 which has been so hard on both of us.
He fought a good fight but was so tired.
He was the funniest, caring, loving person I've ever met in my lifetime & he will be greatly missed.
I recently lost my job for a reason that was out of my control.
So life has not been fun at all.
 But luckily I have Josh who has stood beside me everyday.
So now we're making the best of each day as they come.

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