Monday, November 30, 2009

Labor & Delivery

***update : November 30- 10:45 a.m.
Jamie and Ryne are both doing great!
A little about Jamies labor.... When Joe and Jamie arrived at the hospital at 12:15 a.m. the nurses were able to get Jamie in a gown before she felt like she needed to go to the bathroom. What she was feeling was Rynes' head coming through the birth canal. Around 1:05a.m. my mom and I saw a doctor walking super fast back to where Jamie was. The nurses kept telling Jamie not to push because as soon as the doctor walked in the room she was going to have that baby. There was no time for an epidural (wow!!) so at 1:09 a.m. Ryne Joseph was born!!!!

I received a text from Joe at 1:15 saying,"he's here!" and my mom and I just looked at each other thinking Joe was lying! The next thing we hear was a lullaby meaning a baby was born!!!!


Ryne Joseph was born at 1:09 am weighing 7 lbs 10 ounces And 20.5 inches long with a head full of black hair!!! We've only been waiting for less than an hour!!!!

I got a text at 11:11 pm on November 29 saying, "my water broke"!!!! We- my mom, Jamie, Joe and myself-made it to the hospital at 12:15.
So far Jamie is almost 5 cm dilated! The nurses won't allow my mom and I in the back so we're sitting in the waiting room playing the waiting game. Hopefully not too much longer and we'll have a screaming baby boy in our arms!
(pictures to come)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Could today be the day?


Jamie is scheduled for a stress test Monday November 30 andthen her induction date is december 1 at 6:45 am! I'm still hoping that Ryne will come before then but if not then I'm getting a great birthday gift consideing my birthday is December 6!!!!

Yes we're still waiting on the arrival of my nephew Ryne! Jamie has a check up today at 1:45 so please pray that she will go in labor today or tomorrow! I'm thinking he'll arrive tomorrow when it's time to eat Thanksgiving lunch.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

You should be hearing from me soon! I hope!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ryne Joseph

Ryne Joseph still has not wanted to say hello to any of us yet!!! Jamie had a
check up wednesday and she's only 2 cm dialated and 70% effaced!

I predict he'll make his debut on Sunday November 22!!! Who knows maybe he'll come on Thanksgiving day.

Please pray for Jamie as she's becoming very uncomfortable!! Also pray for a fast and easy delivery!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Baby "Sprinkle"

Saturday I was the hostess (along with her mother in law) for my sisters baby "sprinkle" at my parents house. We had about 20 friends and family show up! I didn't take many pictures because I was busy getting games together, making sure the food was cooked, and greeting most of everyone at the door. My neighbor, Suzy, made the cutest cake ever!!! This cake was a white chocolate cheesecake with sour cream and raspberry inside!!! I'll just say it tasted a little like Heaven!

My soon to be sister in law gave this darling basket filled with diapers monogrammed for Jamie as her gift! How adorable is this??

I think I failed to mention that Jamie's due date has been moved up to November 22!! Which makes me that much more excited to meet Ryne!!

This is Jamie with her 2 closest friends (Megan & Lindsey) she's known since probably the nursery at church. You may remember Lindsey who I was you to pray for when her son Chandler was born and had to go to the NICU. Well look how chunky Chandler is now!

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