Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Not Feeling Today

Ever have those days where everything seems to go wrong?
Well not everything because my hair & make up look amazing.
I have a half day at work and get to start my weekend early.
But as for everything else.... yeah I'm just not feeling it.

I'm uncomfortable in my own skin.
I know I need to lose weight.
My confidence has literally been kicked out the door.
I need y'all to encourage me to start working out again.
I fell off the bandwagon big time.
I hate working out alone.
I want to change my gym membership but I'm "stuck" in a 2 year agreement.
I've wasted pretty much 5 months of money for my membership which could've gone to bills.

Speaking of bills.
I hate being an adult.
Thats all I'm saying about that.

My dogs have completely taken over my house.
My hardwood floors are always dirty.
Poor Oakley is a prisoner in his own home.
Oak & Jimbo don't get along.
I'm considering trying to find a new home for Jimbo.
Any want a really sweet pit?

My job gets the best of me.
I don't make enough money.
I wish I could start my own successful business.

All I want to do is cry!


  1. I have been feeling like that all week. Check out my blog post today. Might help you a bit. :)

    If you need encouragement for working out, we can do it together (via text obvs). I need motivation as well.

  2. Know exactly what you mean. Blarrrrg to bills! And dirty floors lol ::hugs::

  3. Sorry you're feeling so down about all of those things. I can relate to a lot of them... you're certainly not the only one! I think when I get in those moods it helps to just immerse myself in them for the day... I'm grumpy, so I indulge myself in being grumpy for the day, and then just pick up and start over tomorrow. Hope things get better girl!

  4. Life really sucks sometimes! That's all there is to it. Some days you think about one bad thing then it just spirals out from there. I'm REALLY not feelin' my job anymore myself. Hang in there.

  5. I am so sorry you are having a rough day. I can really relate to some of them. I have been down lately due to the weather being so hot that I can't run outdoors.
    I am also working on getting my business up and running after spending my day at Corporate America and the evening with a very helpful 3 year old. LOL!!
    I read the other day that every morning when you get up make a choice to be happy and have a great day. I see Wyatt laugh at my dog catching a ball. Just try to see the funny in everything.

  6. I'm sorry things aren't looking up for you! I hope all of these things don't bring you down!

    I need to be motivated too!


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