Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Howl-O-Scream Style

This trip was a last minute trip which was completely needed.
We've been going back & forth on Howl-O-Scream and finally decided on Wednesday that we would make it happen.
So Saturday morning we loaded up the car and head to Tampa.
During the day we rode all the coasters. Thankfully the weather felt amazing & it wasn't too crowded. After a few hours at the park we headed back to the hotel to check in and rest until it was time to be terrified!  
 As we walked into the park there was a ton of free standing doors & scary workers freaking everyone out. Last time I ever walked through a haunted house I found the first emergency exit door and bolted for it! I was probably 13 at the time. I've never had the urge to go back through the haunted houses until I met Josh. He loves this type of stuff.
 The first two houses we walked through I headed Ashli's hand and clung to her the entire time. Besides the fact we were on the people in front of us we knew what was coming. Then the guys wanted us to walk with them but wanted us to walk ahead of them! Yeah talk about scared! There was a handful of times I screamed, jumped, ran in place because I didn't have anywhere else to go, dunked, held my face in my hands, etc. but I absolutely loved it!
We ended up getting the fast pass for the 7 houses and were able to go on each ride once with it which is worth the money. Most of the lines to the houses were over an hour wait & the park was only opened until 1:30.
 The next day we woke up way too early and headed to Orlando. We're season ticket holders to both parks but we've never seen the new penguin exhibit. It's an actual ride through Antarctica then they turn you around and open the doors to these adorable little penguins! I gasped when I saw them and fell completely in love with how cute they were. It was 28 degrees in their "home" & the water was around 40 degrees. 

This weekend was the most fun we've had in a while. & it definitely did us good to get away from the hustle and the bustle.

These little guys make me so happy!
Happy Monday!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Happies & Crappies vol: 7

I've been neglecting this little part of the internets I own lately for a good reason!
I've super busy promoting Hello Darling that you ladies all seem to love.
With that said here's how my week has been!
I'm linking up with Stephanie for some
Happies & Crappies.
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Hello Darling has been extremely busy! We've almost sold out of our Infinity Fringe Scarves & Piko tops. Yes these are true Piko's! I've already put in another order for long sleeve Piko's, more adorable tops, leggings, cardigans & more! Right now our Animal Print Leggings are $12.00!
Shop Hello Darling
& just a little hint! If you see our FB ad there's a 10% discount you can add to any order through next Friday! Go like us please!
Tomorrow Josh & I are headed to Tampa for the weekend with a few friends. We're going to Hall-O-Scream & I'm already freaked out! I seriously do not do scary! Walking Dead: I sit in a ball and have to hold on to Josh. After reading about robberies a little too close to home this morning I woke Josh up to walk me outside to make sure I made it safely to my car 10 steps away. Yes I get that scared. But Busch Gardens is going to be fun & I'll probably end up getting kicked out of the park because I don't know how to control my reactions.
Sunday when we head home I already have plans of meeting Hallie! I just pray it happens this time. Even if it's for just a hug and a few quick pictures, maybe some happy tears for finally meeting my bloggy BFF I will make this happen!
Work. Enough said.
Happy Friday!
We made it another week!
Lets hope the weekend drags this time.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

Hello again Monday.
It's that time again to recap the entire weekend in one post.

Friday started out with a sweet friend of mine releasing her album!
She's been singing in restaurants/bars & everywhere you can think of for the last few years trying to make her way to where she is now. If you love country music you'll love Amber DeLaCruz!

Also look how adorable this free print is I found from .
Fitting right!

3 years ago I bought a house right next door to my high school best friend!
She's not only gorgeous on the outside but the inside as well!
She was obligated to take pictures of Hello Darling items in the middle of the street Friday evening.
Check out Hello Darling Shop to order!
Amber is 5'6, 34B and is wearing a small Piko top paired with the Infinity Fringe Scarf.
If you normally wear an XS shirt like Amber this S will also fit.
Saturday was a busy day for birthday parties.
Then Sunday we watched the Jags got their butts beat again.
We ended the weekend with a pedicure for 4, Japanese & a late evening nap while watching Sunday Night Football.

& here is it Monday morning once again!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Update: Shop Hello Darling

This past week has been absolutely amazing.
Hello Darling has taken off!
New products have arrived everyday.
Orders have been filled, shipped & our amazing clients are already showing off their Darling items!
I really need to clear out a room in my house & dedicate it to Hello Darling.
Josh has been so supportive.
He really has launched Hello Darling himself.
I was passed out while he put the website together, made logos, signed the boutique up for pinterest, made business cards, researched every little detail, etc.
If it wasn't for his help I'd still be "thinking" about starting my own little boutique.
I'm so thankful for those of you have encouraged me & have given me words of advice starting this shop.
We now have 138 followers on IG & have already had a contest where one lucky "darling" won a $5 credit.
If you don't already follow Hello Darling on IG please do because with each new 100 followers we're picking winners to receive they're own $5 credit to anything in the shop.
Also follow us on Facebook.
You never know when we're going to have a giveaway!
So that's how this week has been!
This weekend is another busy one in my books!
3 year old birthday party, sweet 16 party/photo session/photo booth, & the Jags home game.
It's only begun!
Happy Friday my loves!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PIKO's, Promos & more

Last night I was sitting in my office working on the Hello Darling website when my doorbell rang.

Mind you it's 9:30 on a Monday night.
Who the heck is coming to my house this late that doesn't have a key?
At first I thought it was my neighbor letting me know Dodger was in their backyard swimming again but all the dogs were inside.
Instead I opened my door just a bit to see no one there but a few packages on my front door stoop.
I've been waiting over 2 weeks to get this delivery & it finally arrived!
Props to you Mr. UPS driver for working so late to get my packages to me!
When I opened the box my heart filled with excitement!!!
The PIKOS arrived!
My all time favorite shirt as well as most of yours!

I currently have these 4 colors in stock!
If you're interested in experiencing the most comfortable shirt you'll ever own order here!

I seriously wear this shirt every chance I get!
Dress it up with skinny pants or be comfortable in yoga pants either way this shirt needs to find it's way to your closet!

Don't forget to check out Life:Oceanside for a chance to win a piko or scarf yourself.
Also there may or may not be a promo code for 15% off!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Brewery Style

Hello Friends!
It's Monday, again.
Yeah I'm thinking the same thing you are.
Where did our weekend go?

I woke up way too early Saturday morning to watch Ryne play ball, had a photo session for 3 month old twins then J & I were going to Mile Marker's 2 year anniversary party.
Mile Marker is a local brewery that J & his guy friends go to on Tuesdays & Saturday I was finally able to join them.
We had a great time mingling with friends, playing darts, corn hole & taking silly pictures.

Sunday we watched football practically all day then saw Captain Phillips. That was one of the best movies I've seen in a while.
How was your weekend?
Today Hallie from Life:Oceanside has something pretty amazing going on.
Don't forget to check out her page :)
You'll be glad you did.

Also check out
Hello Darling's
latest new arrivals that have just been listed!
are here!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello Darling Discount

Hello Darling is offering 10% off any order this week!
to place your order!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello Darling Shop Live

It's finally here!
The day I've been praying will change my life.
The shop I hope to one day be able to work from home.
Or even get a store front.
My website is live.
I'm ready to ship what I have in stock!
I have a shipment of Short Sleeve PIKOS arriving very soon!
& I'm only charging $28.00 plus shipping!
please visit
shop your hearts out!

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Monday, October 7, 2013


Long time no blog!
This weekend was our one year anniversary!
Sunday the 6th to be exact.
We started the weekend off with a Light the Night City Ride around our town.
The weather felt amazing.
I worked Saturday morning and missed Ryne's first tee ball game.
But the little slugger hit the ball twice, once without the tee and ran all the way around to home plate.
Of course he wanted to know if his team won- they don't keep score this young- but we told him yes so he was super excited!
Josh & I headed to St. Augustine to one of his favorite restaurants. It's called Gas Full Service Restaurant & everything is farm grown right in town. I had the most delicious blackened grilled chicken topped with fried green tomatoes, bacon and some type of white sauce! It's mouth watering good.
 Since we were already in St. A I wanted to show Josh where I grew up going every summer.
My family had a condo on the beach that we went to every year & right down the street is what we called "the blow hole". When it's high tide the water hits these rocks and shoots up into the air.

 We were there during low tide so he didn't get to experience the water shooting up but we walked all over these rocks just admiring the beauty of it all.
 Then we found this heart!
Seriously! How perfect was this!
 This year has been my favorite of all time.
I'm so thankful that a mutual friend connected us.
I love everything about this man that I believe God made me for.
He makes me crack up every single day, encourages me to be a better person, stands by my side and has been my best friend & I can't wait to see what our future holds.
I've said this before but our relationship has been so different than any of the ones I've ever been in.
That's proof that you shouldn't rush into your future. Be patient & let God put someone in your life He has made for you. I thank God every single day for Josh.
We ended our weekend with an hour massage, dinner & a movie. {Gravity}

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