Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week In Review Vol.4

Good morning & happy Saturday!
It's finally the freakin' weekend!
You're here to catch up on  this last week on Life Is Sweet.
I always enjoy Monday's even though waking up for work is the worst thing EVER! I linked up with Sami for another installment of Weekend Shenangians!
 I let you all know about my health problems lately. I'm having surgery to remove a bump on my scalp on May 3. I've seen 3 different dr's and no one knows what this bump is. So surgery was the best option!
I took the day off from blogging to regroup!
It's a new day! Yes let's all start acting like ADULTS & quit tearing each other down! Too much drama has been going on lately and it's sickening!
It's already been a month since Marcy, Lori & I started the Fat to Fit Friday link up! It's been such a success so far. Don't forget to read all the blogs that linked up to get motivation to workout, get skinny or even tone up!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Make sure you come back to read on Monday I have a special treat from one of my sponsors!
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