Friday, April 5, 2013

Fat To Fit Fridays Vol.3

Back story:
I texted Marcy to see if she'd like to join me on a new link up for motivation.
I already knew she'd be so ecstatic to join me since she's motivated me from the beginning of this new weight loss journey I started. So here we are today bringing you Fat to Fit Fridays!
I have 2 amazing co-host who have inspired me to get fit.
Marcy and Lori have amazing stories on their success and I'm starting mine again.
We're just 3 ladies looking to lose those extra unwanted pounds.
There's times when we need extra motivation to get moving and start sweating.
Are you looking for motivation yourself?
Do you need an accountability partner?
Do you have any healthy recipes you'd like to share?
You came to the right place looking for it.
Join us in this fun link up on becoming "Fat to Fit" each Friday!

I'm late in posting this morning because this week has been insane. 
But what week hasn't been this crazy?
Today I want to share about my struggle with weight loss.
Growing up I've always been chubby. 
I was called Buddha Belly by my sister.
We laugh about it now.But I really did have a bigger stomach.
I loved food.
During the summer I remember ALWAYS eating Pizza Pockets like they were going out of style.
Bagel Bites...yum! 
Sweet Tea was a must have living at my parents.
In high school I worked out and lost my Buddha Belly.
I remember i would always work my legs and abs before bed every night.
 I was my skinniest after high school though.
I worked for an airline but was cross trained so I did it all. From checking you in at the ticket counter to boarding you on the plane, working the ramp by loading your bags to baggage claim. 
Then I got an office job where I sit for 8 hours a day. 
Of course you're going to gain weight when you're not constantly moving.
I paid for a gym membership with a friend who just had a baby and lost 20 pounds within 2 months.
Then I met my ex at the gym and we both became too busy/lazy to go to the gym every night.
I lived & breathed the gym when I saw results. 
I quit working out for a year & now I'm back at it trying to find my groove again.
Its hard to start the gym again. 
But it does make it so much easier by having a friend to go with. 
My problem now is that we ALWAYS come up with something else to do.
Oh lets go shopping... heck yes lets skip the gym. We'll go to the gym tomorrow.
Tomorrow comes and goes without seeing the gym.
I NEED cardio. Thats where I see the most results.
I know I need to stop making up excuses as to not workout but life is moving so fast.
What keeps you going?

Link up to read other motivational stories from ladies who are or have been in the same spot you are!


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  1. Good luck with the weight loss and finding some great motivation!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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