Thursday, April 11, 2013

Its a new day!

Oh hi there!
Thank you to everyone who commented, texted, emailed & called me after my last post! It means the world to me that so many of you have me in your thoughts & prayers.

I thought I'd take a little social break from all the nonsense going on! 
Hey you stole my hair cut!
Oh you bought the same shirt I posted a picture of on IG.
That link up idea... yeah you stole that.
Guess what ladies...
Thats the best compliment you could ever get! 
Someone wants to be you.

When I posted my Fat to Fit Friday link up I knew there was already so many weight loss, motivational link ups out there. But guess what we all don't have the same blog readers. I never got harassed from starting that link up. Maybe I was talked about behind my back but guess what... if I don't know about it then I don't care. I could careless if I was talked about.

Everyday I'm talked about. I know this because we're all human. We're all ladies. We're all about gossip. 
To see how some of you have acted out is quite embarrassing. Go back & read your own words!

I stayed away from twitter for the last week or so. It's ridiculous & I want no part in it. I'm over all that drama. Lets all play nice again.

Enjoy your Thursday! 
The weekend is right around the corner! 


  1. You have so many people supporting you! There will always be women fueled by jealousy and negativity no matter what you do or do not do. You are fabulous and many people want that in their lives too. Some just have a pitiful way of showing it. Continue to be bright and positive! I enjoy reading!

  2. AMEN.

    that's all. :)

  3. Jealousy is evil. But, you're awesome, don't let it get to you! :)


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