Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No better day to start

I officially started working out again!
Last week my sister texted me asking if I wanted to run with her.
We started yesterday since no better day than to start working out is the start of a new week.
We ended up walking most of it because lets just face it I'm out of shape.
Besides the fact I don't know how to control my breathing while I run.
I laced up my shoes, put my hair in a pony tail & leashed up Dodger. We hit the pavement like we owned it. It really did feel good to crush the pavement under us.
Its not a fast mile but I sure lapped anyone who sat on the couch last night.
After my first mile was complete I ended up taking Duke for a walk {or a pull} because he's full of energy & a complete mess.
I swear he's the runt of the litter.
I have about 20 holes in my backyard from his digging.
Toys are scattered throughout the back & my grass is no longer there.
There's holes in my brothers leather couch.
My hardwood floors are ALWAYS sandy.
I think someone needs puppy classes.
He drives me to drink!

 That boy is a mess. Don't mind the "bonilla" puddin' in his mouth.
But seriously that shirt! His laughter! I love him!
Prayers go out to Boston!
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Great job on your run! I LOVE taking my dogs for runs... it tires them out and helps with their annoying behaviors! haha

  2. Awesome job on your run! I really need to get into running. Or something.

  3. That's how our lab was, then we took him to a "doggy boot camp" and he is so much better! Congrats on the starting of working out! I always say I'm going to start but just never do...


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