Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week In Review Vol. 5

I'm a day late with posting my Week In Review but who's blog is this again? 
I had lots of plans this weekend that made me late in posting. Sorry!
I do have a giveaway for a Target gift card ending soon! So make sure you get your entries in!
I introduced you to one of my Sponsors {Stephanie} and she's giving away the $10 Target gift card. She talked about her crazy pup Walter, I talked about my weekend shenanigans!

There's no better day to start working out than today. I started last Monday. You really have no idea how amazing you'll feel after you get a workout in. Yes life is busy but you HAVE to find time to just do something to help lose those extra pounds. With summer right around the corner there's no better day than to start today! 
Josh bought a motorcycle last Saturday & has been keeping it in my garage. If you ever walked into my garage you'd have to walk sideways because I'm storing about 4 people's furniture in there. My sister lived with me for a year, not my oldest brother and his girlfriend live with me and a few things from an ex. I ended up selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and my garage is now a garage. Well kinda. I still have a lot of stuff in there but if I wanted to I bet I could squeeze my little car in there. 



I was reading one of my favorite blogs {Marcy} on Thursday morning and saw this funny link up. Finish the Sentence with Holly & Jake. I can't wait for this Thursday to link up again.

 I recapped my weekly workout for Fat to Fit Fridays linkup with myself, Marcy & Lori. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or need an accountability partner check out a few blogs that have linked up.

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