Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I exposed my panties

I have never been more embarrassed.
Yesterday around 1:30 I just came back to work from picking up lunch and happened to look down at my ankles to see my panties. Not the ones I was wearing but the ones I wore the day before.
Normally when I'm getting undressed I take my pants & panties off together. Today, well I'll be slipping out of each piece of clothing one item at a time. I'm so thankful the undies didn't fall completely out while I was out & about or even in my office. I work with a bunch of guys and we all know how guys are. I'm also thankful for a little things called static cling! 
So yeah how I didn't push them out while putting my jeans back on I have no idea. 
Do you have an embarrassing story?
Please tell me I'm not the only one that has had this happen to me. 
Of course I had to fill in my blog BFFs in on what happened to me I knew they'd crack up!!


I think I need a vacation!





  1. Oh boy , I am glad that they didn't fall. Relax.
    I once got my jean's button broken during classes in school. It was without belt and it was slipping down. It was so embarrassing not to move and sit in one place. I guess all the guys around felt that there was something wrong. It was so baaad!!

  2. OMG this is hilarious, but embarrassing.

    In high school, the butt of my jeans split and I had to call my mom to bring me a different pair. I had a sweatshirt tied around my waist so nobody knew. After I changed, I walked back into class and my teacher asked if my jeans were better. Apparently my best friend filled everyone in on what happened while I was changing...

  3. I just laughed my butt off ALL OVER AGAIN! LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. Omg that is embarrassing! I'm always afraid that will happen lol

  5. This is hilarious! So glad it wasn't worse! You def. need a vacay. Take me with you!

  6. Um, yeah. That happened to me, but my FAVORITE thong fell on the floor. One of my students saw it and was all "EWWW some girl left her panties on your floor!" I turned around and knew what happened. Static cling did not last the entire day. Fail. I pretended to be disgusted and picked them up with a napkin and threw them away. I totally wanted to get them later, but there was some nasty high schooler's crap on top of them. So I watched them be taken away, forever. All because static cling failed me.
    Oh, and you know Marcy and Kimmy will say that's why they don't wear panties!

  7. HA HA HA!!! I am STILL laughing at this shit!


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