Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Colie {Giveaway}

There is no doubt that there is thousands of amazing things that come from blogging. A way to vent your feelings, an outlet for creativity, and amazing business relationships. All these things and more are the reason blogging is so easy to fall in love with, but I have 2 extra special reasons I loooove blogging... Meet Hallie & Kayla, my blogging besties.

Kayla has been introduced on the blog before but I met her "accidentally" one day browsing through blogs. She recently got engaged to B and is planning for a fall wedding. Hallie & I were paired when I signed up for "Cara Box" & have made an amazing friendship with her! Little did I know Kayla & Hallie were already texting wedding talk! 
We text almost everyday telling embarrassing stories, sharing much needed advice, sending pre, post, and missed workout pictures, you name it.  It sucks that there is so much distance between the 3 of us, and even though I have never "met" these girls in person I consider them two of my VERY best friends. We decided we really wanted to do a blog post/giveaway highlighting the amazing relationships that can come from blogging and the community it brings! Not only is blogging a great way to meet friends, it's a great way to find and help out local/small business in fulfilling their dreams as well! 

Hallie has the color block clutch & I'm wearing the Leopard & Neon shirt! 

 Kayla, Hallie and I are proud to introduce one of our FAVORITE small business owners who has so generously teamed up with us to bring you this amazing giveaway. Meet Ashley, Owner of Colie's an adorable, affordable fashion boutique!

Ashley always wanted a career in fashion and always dreamed of opening her own boutique but as any person in business knows it isn't exactly that simple.  In 2008, her senior year at Southeastern University, she decided to begin her mission of helping girls everywhere sparkle. As her middle name is Nicole {Colie was a nickname given to her by her Dad} and when deciding on the name for her boutique nothing seemed to fit quite as well as Colie's. Ashley hand picks each item that is sold at Colie's, and works very hard to find the most unique and on trend items at fabulous price points. I am hoping by now you have been or will go to her site and fall in love with all her selections. Your next step? Start making your wish list now because you have the chance to win a $100 dollar gift card to Colie's shop! Yep, I said it $100 BUCKS! a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck and feel free to share with us your bloggy BFF stories! 


  1. I've met a few awesome people - I can't wait to meet everyone in September at the half. You should go, too!!!

  2. I have met a ton of really great people through blogging! I couldn't even list them all :)

  3. Great giveaway! I have met some really sweet girls through blogging, and I am so grateful for the community!
    I found you through the "I love my post" blog hop, and I am now your newest follower :)


  4. um that bestie would be YOU:) great giveaway!

  5. Not yet, I just started blogging but I hope to make friends :)

  6. No, but hoping to:)

  7. Yes :) I have met so many great friends blogging!


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