Thursday, April 25, 2013

iPhone Dump

A little iPhone dump since I've been slacking on my blog lately.
I met my sister at Chuck E Cheese one night for a little play time.
Pizza time & secrets!
I handed Haley a pair of sunglasses on the drive home & her response was
" oh Enna you bought me sunglasses"
Me: "Yes do you like them?"
H: "I do thank you"
Me: "Lets take a picture with them on"
 H: "You mean our hot sunglasses right"
 Me: "You're right baby girl!"
Don't mind Ryne! He's still trying to figure skeeball out!

The evenings have been perfect to just sit outside and enjoy the weather. Luckily for my they are exhausted after our evening walk/runs! Proof is in the last picture!

 I adore this man!
Enough said!
 I had blood & paper work before next week's surgery and I ended up at the wrong hospital.
Not my fault this time!
Shoes: Target $15
They have a ton of sandals that I loved but only bought 2.

Happy Draft Day!

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  1. ohh my gosh THE POOOOOCHIES!

    I love them ALMOST as much as I love you.

    and I hope your surgery goes good! P man has his surgery for his kneee that day:( I"ll be thinking of you!

  2. love those sandals! Good luck with surgery.

  3. This post kind of makes me want to go to Chuck E Cheese :)


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