Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jokes on you

I'm normally the one to get pranked but this year I wanted to be the prankster!
Everyone keeps asking when Josh & I are getting married and I can't stress enough that when the time is right you just know. Besides there's no reason to rush into a marriage when we have what I think is the most perfect relationship I've ever been in.
Marriage scares me!
Too many people get married for the wrong reason or just rush into it when their not ready.
If I'm 40 and still not married I'll be ok with it. Marriages these days just don't last because people give up too easily. They don't want to work their problems out.
Luckily for me my relationship with Josh has been amazing. I'm not sugar coating this either. Yes we all have our faults, jealousy, selfishness, etc. but we work through that & we have. Although we haven't faced anything huge. I love our relationship. I love that we have fun together. I love that we can sing in the car without a care in the world. I love that we just stay at home and be perfectly fine with being lazy. I love our trips together. I'm crazy about him.
My family knows that. My friends know that. I'm a completely different person since I've met him.
All that to say this:
Everyone really does ask when we're getting married.
It kinda hurts. It brings tears to my eyes.
But I know that when the timing is right we'll know.
I sent this group text to my family yesterday.
 I knew I couldn't fool my sister.
Both my brothers were in on the joke.
That ring was actually my oldest brothers ex-fiance's ring.
My dad was super excited.
My mom.... she just about had a heart attack!
My sister in law called because she was so freaking excited!
I even made up how he proposed!
It just worked out because we were out of town all weekend.
It makes me happy with how happy they were for me.
My mom has always said I'm the daughter who will never get married and me & her would shop til we drop every weekend. I'm down for that as long as she's paying!
Did you prank anyone?
The rest of the evening was spent doing this like it does most evenings when I'm home. This boy is such a momma's boy!
Have a Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Bwaaahahaha Jenna this is fantastic. Well-played! I think my mom would be furious at me for getting her excited. ;)

  2. This is awesome! I wish I would have thought about this! Everyone keeps asking me the same question! But I'm sure my family would hav hated me if I did that! How did your family react after you told them you were kidding!?

  3. I want to know how I proposed?

  4. SUch a funny prank! :)

    I hate more people didn't believe you!


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