Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring cleaning

What more would you want do to than to get home from work and clean out your garage?
Besides cleaning the entire house too?
Nothing of course!
I've been meaning to clean the garage out since I store 4 other people's crap furniture!
It took me about 3 hours to move everything around, send pictures to Josh to post stuff on CraigsList, meet the Pizza Hut delivery man & give Dodger a bath before I had my AFTER picture!
Being able to walk to my washer & dryer without stepping over something feels great!
My body... well thats another story! I'm sore today! But I'm also $75 richer from selling stuff that was sitting in my garage getting no use out of me! Today I'm hoping I get more replies from the items I listed.

I still managed to get in my mile walk/run as well. No matter how exhausted I was after all that moving/cleaning I wrangled Dodger & Duke up and out the door we went! It feels amazing to be working out again. Just moving gives me more energy to get through the day now!

 Of course I didn't want to wake up this morning but I do feel more energized. I'm ready to do it all again today.
Are you working out?
What do you do to burn those calories?
I had 2 slices of pizza & 1 breadstick last night but with all the calories I burned within those 3 hours I still had over 750 calories extra that didn't make me feel too guilty for not making that healthy choice.
Stay motivated!
Happy Hump Day!
I smell the weekend!
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  1. I love you, my gorgeous friend!

  2. I love how I feel after cleaning something and getting rid of stuff!

  3. loved seening this goregous face this morning.

    Oh and hello Motorcycle overload:)


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