Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence

Hi there ladies!
I have nothing for you today.
Except that I completed day 3 of hitting the pavement.
I'm well on my way to running a 10k.
Just kidding I'm far from that.
It'd probably take me all day to complete that.
Have y'all tried the Kale & Spinach smoothie from Tropical Smoothie?
I use the Nike+ app for keep a log of my daily runs.
You can follow me if you'd like. {jennadk}
My sweet friend Katie declared today "national curly hair day"
but little did she know I declared that day yesterday.
I find it pointless to even blow dry & straighten my hair when I know I'm just going to sweat that night.
Dry shampoo doesn't work for me. Or maybe I'm not using the right one.
What do you use?
FYI: I love that it says "Watch your back" Marcy you better watch your back love!
Now onto a new favorite link up!

1. I laughed so hard I cried when... Josh woke me up one night and I put my palms out in front of me and said my "PAWS" hurt. When he asks me to talk to the birds, monkeys, really anything! "say Hi to them"
2. My high next summer and I could careless about it. I mean most of everyone is on FB so why pay money to see people I see for free on the daily. 
3. It really pisses me off... When I drive in rush hour traffic. Heck drive anytime. I have the worst roadrage ever! Honk your horn at me for no reason & I get mad!
4. In ten years... I hope to have settled down and have a few kids out of diapers!
5. If I could erase one thing... oh good one! It'd be a few guys I dated.
6. In 1999...  I was in 8th grade and running the school with the popular kids!
7. Honestly... What the heck is going on in this world we live in?
8. To me, Sushi... is yummy! Philly, Volcano, Dynamite Roll. Lunch? Until you get food poisoning!
9. Someone really needs to cars like on The Jettson's. Then when there's an accident you can just fly your car away.
10. The first time I drank alcohol... I was in High School I believe. Then I got so drunk I threw up at a friends house & told her mom I had Kystals that made me sick. Not my proudest moment in life. I didn't drink again until years later. & to do day I don't get drunk.
11. The one question I would ask God is... Why certain things happened in life. Why certain people were brought into my life and why I didn't meet others sooner!
12. Lindsay Lohan... she's still alive?

Enjoy your Thursday!
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  1. too bad we live far apart...i would me for sushi every day...thanks for linking with us!

  2. ohh mmmm geee Jennna I love your currrrly hairzz

    caan we be BFF forevz?! ;)

  3. Oh man, I want some sushi now. :)

  4. I like how you put the photos together, that was cool! I've never heard of that type of smoothie before, sounds super healthy!

  5. Hi Jenna, fellow runner or wannabe runner myself. New follower also!



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