Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans vol.4


Once again its Monday.
I'm linking back up with Sami for my crazy weekend shenanigans.
Why must the weekends be so short and the work week drag on for days?
This weekend was pretty full of all things amazing.
It all started with N's birthday celebration.
We pole danced, ate these sweet little treats, drank wine and laughed the entire time.

So much fun in these two little pictures.
  Ovinte is a new wine bar here in town that completely stole my heart. They have these "wine machines" that you can choose how much you want of that specific wine.
I need that machine in my house please!

 Next up, we were VIPs at Suite and had free drinks the entire night. It was really supposed to be for an hour but everyone kept buying us drinks since we were with the birthday girl! I kid you not everyone thought the 3 of us were related!
3 blondes walk in a bar....
Ummm yeah!

Thank God for asprin and sleeping in.
We didn't get to go skydiving due to the weather. We've already rescheduled it for 2 weeks away! Lets hope next time the weather will be on our side.Or maybe thats God's way of saying not to jump out of a perfectly fine airplane? Who knows.

The rest of the weekend was spent with J. We ended up going on a double date to dinner, bowling & games at Dave & Busters.

Happy Monday!




  1. Sounds like a fun weekend to me! I know you are ready for the adventure of jumping out of a perfectly good plane.


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