Friday, March 29, 2013


Do you have a Rebounderz in your city?
My friend Katie {IG: getfitkatie} is always looking into a new exercise/challenge for us to try.
Can I just say this is the worst quality she has!
Until we went to Rebounderz.
An hour of JUMPING on a trampoline, doing 1 minute exercises of jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, crunches, sit ups, wall sits, lunges, you name it we did it.
It was a blast & definitely a full body work out.
1. Super excited to try out Rebounderz & my BradyBands headband!
2. What am I getting myself into with this crazy girl.
3. 1000 calories burned in 1 hour? I'll take that!
4. Mid way through our fitness class.
5. DONE!
6. Of course I needed pictures for a post so we did splits in the air!
7. Me
8. Caroline {aka Ninja}
9. They have a foam pit that we flipped, pencil jump & fell into!
{Katie is hardcore she's doing the flip}
Needless to say this morning I'm feeling the effects of a nice good work out.
Remember when you were about 8-11 years old and you had a trampoline?
Remember how exhausted you felt after jumping for 5 minutes?
No? Just me?
Well try jumping an entire hour with only a few seconds in between each exercise.
For only $12 a class I'm definitely going back and bringing more friends with me!
Who wants to join?
Did you remember to link up to Fit To Fat Friday? 

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  1. Holy cow that looks like so much fun! I'm Googling right this second to see if I can find one close :)

  2. I would have so much fun working out here!

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks so awesome!!! I need to look it up to see if there is a location near me!

  4. That looks so awesome! I wish I lived in a bigger city so I had places like this to go to!

  5. Oh man, this looks so fun! I wish there was one near me! That's my kind of workout :)

    -- Emily @


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