Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week In Review

Please stay as long as you'd like! No really stay a while.
Pull up a seat, open a bottle of wine and lets just hang out.
I really wish I had a hammock to relax in.
What a week!
Seems like the perfect weekend to jump out of a plane right.
I agree.
New hair! Absolutely!
Blonde, wine, friendship & mexican?
Can't go wrong there.
Apparently I need to stop making this face! I had no idea I do this is almost every picture.
Maybe because I'm sending kisses to Josh. Yeah thats it!


Oh hey Marcy! Thanks for virtually drinking with me!

Candy Crush....I have a love/hate relationship with you.
Level 30 I hate you.
Having Josh pass level 30 made me feel like a failure with your candy nonsense.
Justin Timberlake! You never seem to fail me!
I'll put your suit & tie on anyday.
I mean I'm just kidding JJ.
I did enjoy watching JT on JF this week though.
Thanks for the many laughs you two!
*JJ- my man
JT- Justin Timberlake
JF- Jimmy Fallon
Let's see what you missed out on this week starting with
Just kidding Sunday's are a day of rest so I like to keep it that way. It was also St. Patrick's Day so lots of craziness was going on. No worries because Monday I recapped it for you!
I linked up with the one & only Sami for my Weekend Shenanigans. Lots of shenanies was definitely hapening. I wore lot's of Mint over the weekend too. I just love anything mint right now. Are you with me?
I co-hosted with Halie & Kristyn for First Things First. We talked about Our first blog post, comment and first blog friend! Find out how I started this blog in the first place!
I also introduced you to Sarah @ Fueled & A Flame. She wrote a post on motivation & why she wants to get fit! You can also find her on my sidebar! ------------>
Oh Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. You did me so wrong this week & I despise you for that.
I still wrote about my Mid Week Randoms like jumping out of a plane on Sunday {tomorrow}, looking at flights to Cincy to visit with Marcy and run a 5k with her, a huge lunch fail but I was still under my cal. count & selfies! Because as much as everyone post on IG their selfies I also like to take them too. No matter how many crazy looks I get.
I wrote about my sucky day that happened on Wednesday, how I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks & reminded everyone about Fat to Fit Fridays that I'm hosting along with Marcy & Lori! It's not too late to join in on the link up especially if you want motivation.
Fat to Fit Fridays was a huge success! I'm so excited that so many have linked up with us for our first Fat to Fit Friday Series! There's so many amazing stories and each are so completely different.

There's only a few hours left to enter the My Favorite Things giveaway!
Enter your little hearts out here!
Congrats to Ashley for winning the $300 Nordstrom gift card! You lucky bish!

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  1. LOVE the mint polka dot shirt you're wearing in that picture! So cute!

  2. LOVE, <3

  3. So, you are really skydiving tomorrow? If so, I am very jealous!

  4. Glad that you had such a wonderful week! I pull that kissy face in all my pictures, my husband constantly makes fun on me for doing it when I don't even realise I am!
    I love that top!! Isn't mint the best! You look great.
    Love Gi

  5. HOLLA VIRTUAL DRINKING BUDDY! Can't wait to do it fo real!


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