Friday, March 15, 2013

Fat to Fit Friday

Marcy, Lori & I came up with a new link up!
How do you like Fat to Fit Fridays where we can keep each other accountable with our daily workouts, calorie intake and just motivate each other?
I know I could use someone to motivate and keep me accountable daily even hourly!
Starting next Friday we'll have a link up for those who want that extra push!

 I work out.
I mean I really work out.
I don't just go to the gym to socialize but if I was coordinated enough to walk uphill at 3.4 mph without getting dizzy trying to read on my iPad I would definitely be catching up on blogs or writing out my posts for the next few days.
Tuesday was my first day back in the gym after not going at all last week.
But I'm back in the groove. Well kind of! Since I took Wednesday off.
Kill me why don't you.
I still tracked my calories except I forgot to log the 5 mini chocolate chip cookies.
{I'm logging it now}
I only went over 2 calories! I call that awesome!
I do watch most of everything I eat now.
There's an app called My Fitness Pal where you can follow your friends, log workouts, what you eat, water intake, etc.
If you're looking to lose weight its a great app to use.
But if you continue to go through a drive thru for every meal you're not helping yourself.
It's sickening seeing how many calories are in a CFA sandwich, fries & a drink! {840 calories}
A quarter pounder with cheese meal from McDonalds {955 cals}
You can eat horrible but you better be ready to work your butt off at the gym.
So back to working out. I burned 637 calories just walking at an incline for an hour!
 Holy smokes!
It helped that I took a shot of No Explode, watched Betty White Off Their Rockers & cracked up the entire time I was "working out" that it didn't even seem as if I was working out.
That is until I started sweating my fat off and had to wipe my face every .0234 seconds!

I was so stinking proud of my work out and was ready to keep going.
If you ever need motivation go to IG! I'm not even kidding within minutes of posting my workout I had so many friends "like" my photos and encourage me to keep going. It seriously made me feel like I was floating on air. Oh wait that was just my legs cooling down from an 11 incline walk.
But you guys amaze me!

Follow some of my favorite IGer's to check out their work outs!
Lauren: PinkOnTheCheek
Marcy: MilfMommyOf3
Hallie: HallieEBerry
Katie: GetFitKatie
These ladies keep me on track!
Thursday I earned a free hour session with a trainer. Little did I know that a
30 minute session cost $50!
 Even if I wanted to split a session with my work out buddy Katie I still wouldn't be able to afford more than 1 session a month. & whats one session going to help me with? Maybe just checking in to see how many inches are gone? Sure but my goodness I already have to pay for a membership at my gym and now they want to charge me more for one on one training.
What are your thoughts on this?
I ruined my good eating habit by stopping at Zaxby's after the gym.

Yes I IGed the picture because I don't want y'all to think I'm cheating. I knew I could've gotten a salad but I really wanted that piece of bread! Today is a new day, new choices, more motivation to get fit!
Follow me on MyFitnessPal to keep me accountable {jennadk}
Follow me on Istagram {jennadk}
Twitter {jennadk}
It won't hurt my feelings if you tell me the truth.
Call me out if you see I'm not eating healthy or if I want to be lazy & not get my butt to the gym.
Here's to a new skinny me!
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  1. I LOVE YOU! At least you are honest!!!! It's all about owning up to it... xoxo

  2. Love you beautiful!

  3. Such a good idea to keep each other motivated!

  4. Keep it up sister!!! You can do it! We all topple over the wagon a few times here & there but just get back up and hit that gym!!

    Happy friday!!

  5. I looove posting workout pics and stuff on IG, because you're right - you get so much motivation and encouragement from your friends and strangers alike! I probably do it too often, but... SorryI'mNotSorry...

  6. The accountability is definitely something I love about blogging about my weight loss journey. Hope we can support each other and hold each other accountable!


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