Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Things First

This week I'm linking up with Halie for First Things First. I've never done one of these posts but love thinking back on the things I've done first in life.
 This week's topics are:
First thing I reach for in the fridge
First car accident or traffic violation
First BIG accomplishment I'm proud of
  • I'm not a huge breakfast person but as soon as I get to work the first thing I grab is a bottle of water & a crystal light peach mango energy packet. I seriously need this at work.
  • Oh boy! My first car accident happened on my way to work at Rave. Do y'all remember that store? I was on the service road turning into the mall and some crazy lady was hauling butt to YEILD and ran right into the front of my car. Granted I did see her but thought I was going to be ahead of her before she came barrelling at me. The driver door wouldn't open because the engine was pushed into the car and I panicked! I called my dad and was hysterical! He was mad I called him first and not the cops. Werrps! How was I supposed to know who to call first I was only 17 & lucky for me I didn't get a ticket. But I did get to drive my parents Surburban to school.
  •  Paying my Scion TC off 5 months ahead of schedule! BOOM! Not having a car payment has been the best feeling ever! Now if I can only pay off my credit card debt and my mortgage I'll be good to go! Wishful thinking!
Make sure you link up today with Halie & comment your First Things First!

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  1. I worked at RAVE for a short time too! Too funny. It was not my favorite, I was glad to get out of there!

  2. I worked at Rave too! So funny. I was glad to get out of there, it was not my favorite.

  3. Ahh Rave! So old school. And good for your for paying off your own car! That's definitely something to be proud of :)

  4. Good job paying off your car!!! We just paid off one of ours and its the best feeling! Thanks for linking up with us this week :)


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