Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sams is my happy place

Lately life has been rough. Work has been crazy. Sleep has been little. I haven't worked out in a few days. A vacation is much needed.
Crazy thing is I'm getting a mini vacation away from everything. Social media will be none. Maybe a few IG pictures from the trip or I may just save them all for next week. Just depends on how much I miss "stalking" all you lovely people. 

I bought a Living Social deal a few weeks ago to Sams. I honestly believe its my happy place. Every weekend I want to be there. Thursday night I went to show my brother their meat department. Completely random but much needed. He does all the cooking at our house.

Then this happened. 


It was definitely much needed. That & a bubble bath.

I think someone else was needed a wine night. No worries he didn't get any. 

What's better than a glass of wine and Big Bang Theory? 
Facetiming this guy 

He's prepared for another Q&A session. I loved all your comments from his post yesterday.
Happy Thursday!
Get ready to link up tomorrow for Fat to Fit Friday!


  1. I LOVE YOU! I was having such a fail day yesterday I didn't even get to read your post so I am doing that now!!! BOOM

  2. ...and can you really go that long without talking to me? :/

  3. That bottle of wine didn't stand a chance...I think I forgot the other bottle in the freezer!!!!

  4. Enjoy your mini vaca! I soo sympathize with your first few sentences... life has been rough here lately too and all I keep thinking is "I need a vacation" but there's none in sight! SO, while you're enjoying yours, enjoy it a little extra for me too!


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