Friday, March 8, 2013

Pit & Peak Vol.9


 Is that you? How is it possible that we meet again? Wait don't answer that I'm just glad it's Friday again even though I work tomorrow. Boo!

Losing Oakley {cat} for 12+hours. Apparently my brother left the garage door open & he snuck out of the house. Well he's front declawed which is why he's not longer able to hang out in the garage plus he's knocked out the screen in the eaves and jumps to his feet. He finally came inside after he thought every one was asleep. Talk about a heart attack!

Having to work on a Saturday really dampers my mood.

Having to fill my car up 3 times this week. I drive a lot! But for good reasons :)

Celebrating someones 32nd birthday!

Having a half day in the middle of the week!

I finally hit 400 GFC! Thank you everyone so much!

I've met new bloggers recently who I believe would be in IRL BFFs!
Hallie, Lauren, Lanaya!
Today is a special day! It's Kayla's birthday! Make sure you stop by to wish her a happy birthday!

Did you have any pits & peaks this week? I want to hear about them!

Don't forget about all the fun giveaways going on!

Monday make sure you come back to enter to win "My Favorite Things" giveaway! You don't want to miss out!

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  1. So glad your cat decided to grace you with his presence again! :)

  2. Your peaks are def way better than your pits!! Sucks you have to work Saturday!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. You are SOOOO freaking sweet! Thanks lovie!!! ;)

  4. I would have freaked out If my cat got outside! Glad everyone is safe now!!

  5. Hey Jenna! Love your blog! Your profile and button pic is too cute! I really like your "pit and peak" highlights of the week. What a great idea! I'm a new follower!


  6. Congrats on 400 followers! :)

  7. I have to work tomorrow too, but still excited that it's Friday too! Hope you have a good weekend! Found ya on Carolina Fireflies.


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