Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanies

Hello June!
When did you creep up on us?
Seriously wasn't it JUST Christmas?

It's time for another weekend shenanies with Sami!

Sami's Shenanigans

I spent a lot of time with my sister this weekend!
Which was much needed.
Just her & I!
Whatd we do?
I took her to my favorite place {Sam's Club} then we went shopping.
After what seemed like an hour of her trying on clothes it was my turn!
FYI Forever 21 has a ton of clothes on sale with an additional 30% off!
Yay for crazy deals!

Then Josh caught up with us for dinner because thats what guys do!
We ended up at a Japaneese Restaurant because I haven't had sushi in over 8 months.
Yes I know this because Josh doesn't eat it.
Or he says he doesn't eat it but he sure ate a piece of our dynamite roll!

{necklaces from Caroline G Shop}

Josh finally went on a motorcycle ride to Fernandina Beach with a friend of his!
He was all smiles when he got home!
& the best part about it was him telling me "he can't wait to take me on this thing!"

Sunday night we met up with my sister and a few friends for a fun afternoon at the ball park!

Josh & I both won buckets filled with items for the hurricane season!
We really wanted the generator but I'm not being greedy!
I'll take the spaghetti o's, ravolli, vienna sausage, a free tshirt, water, can opener and flashlight anyday!
Besides Ryne now has a new bucket for all his baseballs!

Sunday night we got home late as usual but that didn't stop Josh from making the best BLT I've ever had! At least one of us can cook!

Happy Monday!
I'm ready for this week to be over already...

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  1. JENNNA!

    come to Sarasota soon. Seriously. Like Yesterday!

  2. B would die for that Lowe's bucket LOL

  3. I was in Fernandina Beach this weekend also! Love it!


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