Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Box.Date Night.Diet.Bloggy Meet Up

First things first!
Most of you know that I help Lauren with the Hello Box sign ups!
Last month I was paired with Tausha & I'm was so excited to get to know her better!
She has an adorable little girl with her husband and the cutest Etsy shop ever! 
When my box arrived I was so eager to get home to see what she sent me!
All of her favorite things which just happen to be my favorite things as well.
Washi tape! Teal glitter polish! {hello Jags football season} Face mask! {chocolate & strawberry at that} a pad of paper! Only the cutest tumbler ever! & the sweetest note ever!
Thank you so much Tausha!
What made this day even better is date night with my man!
Every Monday I meet him for "lunch" which just happens to be my dinner.
Crazy ship yard schedule.
Actually it's not that bad but does suck that I can't come home to him.
What better way to end the first day of the week than with him & ice cream!
Today. Well remember Katie? We're starting our workout plan again! UGH!
I dread the first day but I need to start somewhere!
So far I've had a banana.
Tonight calls for a crap ton of cardio and weights!
I'm ready to feel sore.
I'm ready to not be able to walk up the stairs!
I'm ready to be confortable enough to wear a bikini again!
Speaking of bikinis!
Guess who I finally get to meet in 11 days!!!
This pretty lady & her husband!
I have no words!
Have a terrific Tuesday y'all!

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