Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Time

Friday I rushed home to a package I've been dying to get my hands on.
I've been so exhausted from this week that I ended up with a migraine and in bed by 8:30.
But I made sure to try out the Hana Air Preimiere Hair Dryer!
I fell in love!
This is my hair after I dried it using a brush and my hands. No straightner was needed!
More on this dryer in another post!
 My mom, sister and the kids went camping!
I met up with them Saturday afternoon to
swim, play doctor since Haley fell, ride bikes, play baseball, play with bubbles, relax, eat & laugh!
 A lot!
We made s'mores because that happens when you camp!
 Haley is such a drama queen!
Ryne is a nut case!
My sister well she's just beautiful!

Sunday Josh & I put our phones on "do not disturb" all day except for family!
We ate breakfast at IHOP and tried the Jelly Donut & Red Velet Pancakes!
Run do not walk to IHOP & try them for yourself!
You'll thank me later!
His mom was in a car accident on Saturday afternoon so we checked on her then ended up at Brewer's Pizza.
It was such a nice day of not checking our phones every .01928 seconds and just enjoying each other.
I'm sure those who were trying to reach us don't and won't understand but getting away from all things social is needed every once in a while besides our eyes weren't glued to a stupid phone while we ate.
It was such a relaxing weekend!
Tonight my family is bringing back anold tradition of Family Night which includes a taco bar and games!

Happy Monday! Now lets make this weekend hurry so I can meet Hallie!

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  1. you guys are beyond adraoble, and my hair dryer arrives today! I am so excited:):):)


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