Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Thank You Notes

I'm obsessed with Jimmy Fallon!
Especially his Friday thank you notes!
So today I bring you my thank you notes.
Thank you Friday for coming today. I wish you arrived earlier in the week!
Thank you to my mom's sweet baby girl Khloe for being one of the best dogs ever! We will forever miss you sweet girl.
Thank you to Miley Cyrus for being such an embarrassment to yourself. What a great role model you are to your Hannah Montana fans.

Thank you Kimye for naming your daughter North. Oh but wait Nory/Norrie/Norry is cute. Just wait until she gets made fun of in school!
Thank you Candy Crushers for still sending me requested to play you! I'm done crushing you!
Thank you to my sisters ex boyfriend for being just an ex. Now please stop stalking/creeping on my blog! We see you. There is a thing called an IP Address and yes I see you creeping!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Stalker/creeper ex boyfriends are the worst.


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