Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Nights

Family night started out with a bang!
I pulled into my parents driveway {possibly a little too fast} and busted the front driver strut!
I got out of the car and heard something spewing out from under my car. At first I just thought I busted my tire so I was checking to see if it was going flat.
Luckily my dad didn't have to work last night so he came outside along with Ryne to check out my car! Ryne brought all his "plastic" black & decker tools out to help my dad!
I swear that boy is such a sweetheart!
Car repairs suck when the car is paid for.
For now it's only a $200 repair but thats enough to make me not be able to meet Hallie this weekend!
& for that I'm so upset!
Family night was still fun especially when Ryne asked my brother if he had a baby in his belly!
Looks like he's been drinking too much beer lately.
The tacos were delicious but the company was even better & I get to see them all again for Father's Day this Sunday night.

I love Fridays simply because Aubrey makes these amazing iPhone backgrounds!

 photo signaturecopy_zps8e140f3e.jpg


  1. Sorry about your car! Luckily it wasn't an obscenely expensive fix :).

    LOVE that background!

  2. Oh no! I hate car repairs. :(

    Kids ask everyone if they have babies in their bellies. After 8 years of working in childcare, though, I'm still trying not to take it personally.

  3. ahhh I love the things that come out of little kid's mouths! hahahahahha


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