Friday, June 14, 2013

Keep your family close at heart

Last weekend was a day spent at the beach, inlet, pool, dirt roads and camping!
This little boy was so excited to see me!
So I jumped right in the pool and played our little hearts out!

That is until we got too tired from swimming all day that we needed a nap!
& to tell this little boy its time to get out of the pool wasn't so much fun!
I mean look at how pitiful his face is!
Haley, well she just didn't want her picture taken!

After a quick shower he was ready to go again!
So off to eat an early dinner with the family.
How cute are those stop signs!
It was the perfect height for our little cyclers.

He's always the life of the party!
We're all minding our business when he takes a lime and says "hey guys watch my face"
and he puts the lime in his mouth!
Then it was time for a little family photo sesh.
This little girl has come out of her shell finally!
"this is my new pose!"

Growing up so close in age was always so hard.
We argued all the time.
But once we heard our mom say "I'm calling your dad" & having him tell us "just wait until I get home" we knew what kind of trouble we were in.
My dad has this belt that stung so bad Jamie ended up putting a "golden book" in her pants! & since I was the baby I always told on them for everything.
Now we laugh at all the times we got in trouble and tell Haley & Ryne how Enna & mommy always got in arguements for pulling hair or pranking their mommy and making her sick!

Family is so important in my life!
Enjoy every minute you have with them!
I'm so blessed with how close my family is and hope we will always be this close.
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  1. That's so great that y'all are SO CLOSE! Enjoy every minute!

    Happy Friday!


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