Tuesday, June 18, 2013

National Sister Day {Unofficial}

Having a sister means you always have a bestfriend!
Especially when you're only 15 months apart.
We have always been somewhat close except those days where I wanted to wear the same piece of jewelry she was wearing. We argued. We fought. We cried. We got spankings together. We would throw the hairbrush at each other. {or maybe that was me}We made invisible lines in our room so the other wouldn't get in their personal space. We played barbies. We picked on each other. We loved each other!
To this day my sister & I always try to see each other.
She married & moved away for a few years and although I had little money I would make a trip to see her. Well maybe I just wanted to see my sweet newborn niece Haley but don't tell her that! We go on double dates! We love watching baseball. I love watching her be the best mom she can be to Haley & Ryne. I love all her random texts she sends.
Last week I jokingly put on her FB wall that it was National Sisters Day & we needed to get ice cream! So we made it happen!
My sister is my bestfriend!
 I'm her biggest fan & she supports everything I do!
 Even if I had to be told to slow down on the partying when I was in high school!
 She taught me so many lessons in life!
 I'm forever grateful for her!

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  1. I am so jelly you get to be with your sister so much! My sister and I are best friends and I get to see her once a year:( Sisters are honestly the BEST ever....everrr!

    love you!


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