Friday, June 7, 2013

"Ruff" Night

It's FINALLY Friday!
Today couldn't have come at a better time.
I had one of the worst days ever yesterday!
So bad that I broke down crying & almost had a panic attack.
I haven't had a panic attack in months so that tells you right there how bad of a day I had.

Josh called me after I got home from work to ask if I had his debit card. The night before we had a little date night at Longhorn's and he never put his card back in his wallet. Thankfully the manager was holding the card until the rightful owner claimed it. But not before the manage told me I needed his id to show proof I knew Josh.Well I wasn't planning on driving to his work to get everything I needed from him just to drive back towards my house to grab the card and back to his work. Ain't nobody got time for that. So the manager allowed Josh to call and confirm he knew me so I didn't have to go through that hassle!
I met up with one of my long time best friends for dinner last night and caught each other up on the last 6 months of our lives!
But when I got home from dinner everything went to hell!
I just gave the dogs a bath on Tuesday.
Tropical Storm Andrea was right over my town all day so that meant my backyard was all muddy.
So why would anyone allow 3 crazy dogs in the back without being watched? Yes I understand they have to pee but thats when put a leash on them and walk them out front!
So in all three dogs come in dripping with mud!
On my hardwood floors!
All over the walls and doors in my bathroom!
I was so annoyed to say the least!
Dodger ended up with another bath but the other two.... well they jumped in my brothers bed and went to sleep.
Not my problem anymore!
Nothing makes me more angry than having to bathe a dog when I'm ready to settle down & get ready for bed myself. I know I probably shouldn't have been so angry but it just doesn't make sense to me to do that.
{these aren't my dogs but if they were I believe this is what they would be doing!}
Tonight I plan on sipping some wine with a girlfriend and snuggle her 2 month baby boy!
This weekend I plan on staying off all social media and taking time to just be me & Josh!
Enjoy your weekend! Let's pray its a LONG weekend!

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  1. I'm a new follower and can relate to you already! It's totally the worst when you're having a pretty good day and then something happens (like dogs tracking mud through your entire house) and you snap! How could you not?! Ugh.

    Praying today is SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday evening! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope it's fabulous!

  2. I hope your weekend got better! I would have been super annoyed about the pups too! I HATE having to give them another bath after they just had one!! UGHHH!!!


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