Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Snail Mail

Target really knows how to catch your eyes!
Or just make me broke.
Either way Target you did it again!
How gorgeous are these note cards?
I ended up picking up 4 packs for just a buck!
Run to Target now!
Besides who doesn't LOVE getting snail mail instead of bills!

Taking the time to write these sweet just because notes made me happy!
& I hope it brings a smile to my friends face too!
What have you done lately to make someone smile?

 photo signaturecopy_zps8e140f3e.jpg


  1. I organize a Giveaway on my blog for my friend!) It made her smile!) So Welcome to enter to win bright earrings for summer!)

  2. I love snail mail! I've been writing one note or letter a week this year! Its so much fun!! :)


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