Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekend Happenings

The weekend started off with a fun shopping trip. Have you heard about the JCP buttons? Well you can get these adorable buttons are the register and enter to win prizes. So far I've won around $100! Not bad right. Exactly! I was able to get the cutest black wedges for $10 which were originally $50.
Also see my adorbs leopard lace top? I recently purchased it from KiKiLaRue.
Then I met up with these amazing ladies in my life! We planned a Christmas lunch/pedis that ended up being changed because J had a surprise Sunday planned for us. So we opted for breakfast at a local diner. The ladies are the best girl friends I could ever as for.

Then it was on to St. Augustine to enjoy our little date.

I've been wanting to go to the San Sebastián Winery for the longest time. They offer free tours and tastings. Hello! I was in Heaven!
We ate at Harry's Seafood on our own private balcony. Well... with 2 other couples over looking A1A. Yes it's the middle of December and I'm wearing short sleeves with sandals. Be jealous or not but I'm jealous of all you with an actualy winter with snow!
St. Augustine has the square decorated for Christmas which we took the Holly Jolly Trolly around to see the lights.
We were given these awesome glasses that made all the lights turn into snowflakes and sang Christmas carols while driving around.

Of course we ended our date with DQ.

I have the most perfect man in my life and I couldn't be more thankful for him. Here's to many more dates with J!



  1. Don't be jealous, we have not had snow for Christmas in 2 years...and it's been raining for days in VT

  2. This is so sweet! Looks like such a great weekend!

  3. That looks like an adorable date!! I LOVE St. Augustine and didn't know there was a winery there. We will be there soon :) Great post, girl!


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