Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest Post {Birthday Style}

Hello all you lovely Life is Sweet followers! I'm Allie and you can find me over Tales of a Twenty Something.

We have some business to take care of before I get started on my guest post. I'm here today, because these pretty lady is celebrating her birthday!


Couldn't be more appropriate right?
That would be during our lovely G-Chat with Kayla, you can find that post here

Just as a little back story, obviously Jenna and I met through blogger, but it was all because I won a bubble necklace that she was giving away on Kayla's blog. So you see, it was kind of meant to be!

All three of us talk on a daily basis - thank you iPhone group texting.
She was there at 6AM after my first date with Joshua
and she is there with any issue I am having.
She listens at good news and she listens when I just need to vent.

She is absolutely one of my most favorite people I have met through blogging.

on to today's business.

How Jenna got the nickname PS aka Porn Star.
(she may kill me for this, but she said anything goes)

Jenna recently bought her blog a URL.
It cost a small $10 a year, but I just haven't set down to do it.
As you can see, you can get to her blog by typing:

Has anyone else noticed that her initials are JK - or is it just me?
New nickname maybe?


Jenna got a little type happy one day and typed in something a little different.
As you all know, there is a famous PORN STAR by the name of 

Jenna Jameson

Let's just say, our Jenna got a little show.

Although, I dunno about ya'll, but they could pass as twins right?

I apologize about my awful photoshop skills

Hey Joshua, what do ya think?

Love you Jenna & Happy Birthday!

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  1. Love this!!!! Happy Birthday love!!


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