Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Eve

Can you believe its almost already a new year? Where did 2012 go? Time flies when you're having fun. Lately I've been thinking about what to wear for NYE. I'm not one to get all dressed up and go partying. I did all that in high school {sorry mom & dad} but at least its out of my system to get crazy. I would love to dress up with one of these dresses but heck who am I kidding?
I'll probably end up wearing a flowly shirt and my yoga pants. Who cares right? They're comfortable. No shame here.
What do you have planned for NYE?


  1. Love that blue dress. I love dressing up too but that isn't happening for me either this year. We are going to be home with baby. We are wondering if we will even be awake to watch the ball drop. I hope I can stay up.

  2. I love the silver and black dress!!!

  3. You and J drive to Raleigh and spend it with Joshua and I? :) Yoga pants and flowy shirts allowed.

  4. love those dresses! I will probably be in my sweats and Ill be lucky if I can stay up til midnight


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