Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I saw the dermatologist this morning and he doesn't believe its a cyst. So not I'm waiting for my primary dr to refer me to a Head & Neck Surgeon to get a 2nd opinion. I asked if he could just go ahead and cut the bump out but it would be painful for me to be awake for. So looks like another surgery in 2012 will be it for me. How fun! NOT!!!

I have a request!
I definitely don't do that as often as I should but I need y'all to pray for me tomorrow. 
I've had this bump on my scalp for the last 2 years and finally had it checked out this past weekend.
I definitely thought the worse which is why I didn't get it checked out sooner. 
Its a cyst. I'm getting it removed tomorrow unless the dr decides not to. But its been causing me so much pain and possibly the cause to my migraines. If you think about it tomorrow around 9:30 please just lift me up. I'm a nervous wreck. 


  1. PRAYING for you my sweet friend!!!

  2. Praying that you can find peace and relaxation in knowing God is in control.

  3. Sending lot of prayers your way! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Once you get to feeling a bit better, swing by to learn about it! Good luck tomorrow!


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